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  1. badge said:
    Set up the 2900Pro DDR4 in my main rig yesterday. The card defaulted to 500/1000 with the latest 7.9 catalyst drivers. I tried Riva Tuner, ATI Tray Tools, ATI Tool and AMD GPU Tools. The card fell flat on it's face and got a trip on the UPS truck back to the store for refund. I'm paying $350 for a 500/1000 video card? No way. Those go for $60 most days. Anyway, I'm looking at the 8800 series or will wait for the next round to buy. So much for the 2900Pro-A-Dud. I was not so lucky as this guy.


    LOL told ya:P well i dunno I love ati, I was always an ATI trooper but they really rushed their products this year I'm hoping they get back in the game that way video cards can go down in price:) You should wait it out for a bit. I mean direct x 10.1 is coming out january 1st...wats the point of buying an obsolete card ? unless the price is right:D. I only bought 2 gtss because it's better than an ultra and WAY CHEAPER around 500 for both....plus with a 17 inch monitor high resolutions don't really bother me:)

    you should get a voodoo:P jks!

    Speaking of which....was the pro really that bad? I heard they made it overclockable to XT:S
  2. I had to get a dud. I mean Catalyst unlocked Overdrive. I have a 700watt 18a x 4 Toughpower PSU. The guy in the link I gave got his OC with a 600w Stealthstream (18A x 4) and two 6pin PCI connectors. I used one six pin and an 8pin/6pin adapter. The card I received defaulted at 500/1000! I ran all those utilities I mentioned and the card would not budge! My GTO 512 smokes and I have no heat issue at all. The 2900 Pro idled at 55/56 in this exact case/system. MY GTO is at 34C idle! I have 22 fans I think. Check my temps. I am just over Room temp normally. May be below here. Here's my specs:


    ASUS P5B-Deluxe
    G. Skill PC6400 4GB 4-4-4-12
    OCZ 4GB Vboost Flash Drive Readyboost Enabled
    EVGA 7900GTO 512 MB
    WD 150 SATA RAPTOR Vista HP 32
    WD 74 SATA RAPTOR Windows XP PRO
    WD 250 SATA storage
    ASUS DVD-RW Lightscribe
    Thermaltake 700 watt quad 12v rail PSU
    Thermaltake Mozart tower
    Thermaltake media Lab Led Remote control
    Zalman 9500 Led HSF
    Audigy 2 Soundblaster
    Boston Acoustics
    Pinnacle Studio 9 PCI
    Slingbox Pro Digital Sattelite
    BenQ 22” LCD

    Vista Experience rating is 5.9.
  3. I would have to buy the FTX/Ultra to get numbers better than my 79 GTO 512.
  4. Vista experience is always low I dunno what you need to have to actually have a high vista experience LMAO
    I've got my 6400 Athlon running in now.
    I have a 150 gig raptor on its way But I sorta want to get the 15000 rpm raptor :)
    Also I got a x600XT for free from my friend:P haha
  5. 5.9 is as high as you can go. I tried to OC the card in both VISTA and XP Pro to no avail. I think I had 5.8 with my e6600 and moved up to 5.9 when I installed the Q6600. I want Vista Ultimate 64. That's my next project. I hate to tear this machine down, it runs so great.
  6. I dont think I'm ready for 64 bit yet...I'm waiting till support for 64 is more mainstream:)

    If 5.9 is as high as you can go...that's really weird...........I thought it was out of 10 :P
  7. I back off from 64 bit for the same reason. I'm ready for the punishment. 5.9 is tops. 4 cores, 4 Gigs, a Raptor and a 680/1320 VC will get you there currently.
  8. lol I'm not going through the trouble....I honestly don't want to see the windows xp or vista install menu for a WHILE! haha:P
    Off topic I got portal and it RUns amazing on the sli ....but team fortress 2 lags beyond heaven.....15 fps with dual cards and 72 with single....:|!!!!!
  9. I have 3 sli boards, 2 set up in SLI. I build them, but my son uses them.

    ASUS A8N32SLI, 4800X2, 2 x 7800GT,
    ASUS A8n-SLI Premium, AMD FX55, 2 x 7600GT

    I use the FX55 sometimes. My son is the gamer. Here is the only game I play and my Quad core has it in a stranglehold. LOL!

  10. lmao:P I dont play alot of games neither but its fun to have a machine that can take it:D
  11. L1qu1d said:
    lmao:P I dont play alot of games neither but its fun to have a machine that can take it:D

    After thinking about it, I still can not figure why the 2900Pro defaulted to 500/1000. Catalyst Control unlocked Overdrive and I tested the card there, but still 507/1014. I tried ATI Tool, ATI Tray Tools, Riva Tuner and AMD GPU Tool. The card would not budge. I used a 6pin to 8pin PCIE adapter and a second 6pin PCIE connector to the power supply. I have a suspiscion my 700 watt Toughpower was the cause of the problem. But I still can not figure why the card defaulted to 500/1000? Default was supposed to be 600/1300. I think my PSU was too weak.
  12. LOL i dont think its PSU related dude...it's not THAT extensively power hungry:S
  13. Default=500/1000..LOL! I can get that for 60 bucks! The card was supposed to default at 600/1300. What do you think caused it? The company lied?
  14. no I i just think maybe it was a dud did you try exchangin it? or maybe its the company that made it? MSI or powercolor or w.e?
  15. I already returned the card. I won't accept a 500/1000 card for that price. My only other option was to buy a more expensive PSU. I could buy a GTX for all that. Sapphire. I've noticed the company's cards often are not clocked to Mfg. claims. I either got an underclocked card with weak GPU and RAM or my PSU was not up to the task. The card ran fine, but at 500/1000 and would not budge from it's apparently inherent underclock.
  16. L1qu1d said:
    voodoo 3 owns period

    On board Viper II w/2megs video ram owns all. That was on my 94 ComCrap....
  17. lmao k u win:P omg I remember I also had an nvidia tnt 2 :D
  18. I HAVE an Nvidia TNT! And it kicks the 2900Pro's keester. My Matrox Mystique threatened to take the Pro's memeory and have it committed.
  19. LMAO! :P good old tymes!!! :D
  20. dropped 4 benjamins on my Asus x1800xt 512mb....and that was with a $100 instant rebate...
  21. wow thats alot of money dude:| lolo:P
  22. They finally fixed splinter Cell double agent for the 8800's :D no more bug!!!
  23. I have a HD2900XT , 1 GB of ram paid $400 card runs great
  24. Currently running a 7900GS, and I'm very happy with it, although with the new current gen games it's showing it's lack of muscle.

    Building a new rig from the ground up in January, with at at least a 8800GTX, or anything in that price range that may perform better by then. Man it's good to eventually have finished studying, gotten a job and no longer have to worry about budget for my gaming rig :)
  25. hahaha yeah:) I just hope video cards some how go down in price to about 100$ :P That would be heaven:) QUAD HERE I COME!!! :P
  26. Any News on Direct X 10.1 Video cards yet????
  27. <-- have a GeForce 8400 GS 256 DDR3-800...Good value, bought it right after it was released for less than a hundred bucks...Performed WAY better than my onboard 6100 did...But now that I have a new rig, the 8400 just can't hack it. Time for an 8800 I guess, or maybe an 8600 since i just sunk a huge wad of cash into a new computer...
  28. x1300 pci version HAHA
  29. 6600gt ftw! ^^
  30. my first card was integrated,the second was an ATI 9200SE 128Mb and now I have and HD 2900XT 512Mb....really great card :D :bounce:
  31. For the guy with a P3 @ 100 mhz, I thought P3 started at 450 mhz? Did you over clock?
  32. rockstone1 said:
    For the guy with a P3 @ 100 mhz, I thought P3 started at 450 mhz? Did you over clock?

    wouldn't that be underclocking? :??:
  33. LOL....Anyways was any1 able to overclock an X1900 AIW to a stable clock frequency?
  34. What's with the poll? I voted and it showed no results to me. When I clicked on "Show results" it said I had already voted! Who's winning?

    Anyway my video card is Radeon 9550 SE. It's pretty good. I can run "Age of Empires - I" and "Unreal Tournament'99" on very high.
  35. celeron 1Ghz fx5900xt for old games win98
    opty 170 1950pro current rig
    A64 3200+ 7900gs kid one
    Sempron 3100+ 1900gt kid two
    Laptop 256MB mobility Radeon 9700
  36. Wow Unreal tournament 99...dude my dreamcast can do that!!! :| LMAO!!!!!
  37. Gaming PC - 8800 GTS 320
    Parent's PC - FX5200
    Sitting in box - TNT2
  38. The ATI 3000 series looks pretty bomb...I think I know What I might buy:) not ati though I spent my cash on a SLI motherboard soo even if I want the new video cards from ATI bad I still rather have an SLI combination...more stable:) less hassle with the dongle
  39. gaming pc: 7900gt
  40. how is the 7900 GT work ok?
  41. Just got my 8800GT up and running today! (new system)

    Last card. FX5900
  42. the 8800 GTs are awesome and really cheap:) I'm gonna wait till the new gen cards are coming out in Jan or Feb...Then i'll spend some cash:D
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