115 C on MSI 7800GTX? Bad?

I recently discovered that my gfx card (GTX 7800 MSI 256 Mb) has a very high temperature while playing HL2Episode2.
I play several games so Ill check the different temps while I play the other games, but this temperature seems pretty high to me comparing to CPU temps.

Is this temperature normal for these cards, and do they get damaged?

While not playing games the temp stays at around 58 C. Is this temp Ok? So the difference is almost 50 C when playing that game I mentioned above.

Is there any way to see if the fan on the gfx card is running without the need to open the computer box?

I havn't OC the gfx card, and in the Nividia control panel 115 C is in the Red dangerous zone according to the diagram there. At 110 C the graph shows yellow.

Anyone else have the same/similar cards at similar temperatures while playing games?

Any feedback is greatly appreciated!
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  1. Idle temp is good but loard temp is high , what is your fan speed ?
  2. That's a very high temp. Highest I ever got on my BFG 7800 GTX was 98 C but there were 40-42 C degrees outside. U should usually see temps in the 80's average on full load. AFAIK 115 C is the threshold temperature where the chip starts throttling down to avoid death.
  3. ya think? Yeah it's bad
  4. You could buy an aftermarket cooling system for the card.
  5. First, open the side of your case while the machine is running to make sure the video card's fan is working...

    If it is, you might want to remove the card and it's cooler to check to see if the cooler is seated properly.
  6. Umm.... Generally when your temperatures are over the boiling point of water, its a bad thing... Man, I get scared when my temps get over 55; I love liquid cooling.... :D
  7. You might want to check that you don't have dust built up like cotton batting on the HSF assembly. Usually when you get a huge temperature delta like that it means that air flow is being restricted. I haven't had temperatures like that before, but anytime I started to notice them creeping up, I found that I had a considerable dust build up impeding the air being drawn into the heatsink. Once cleaned, my temperature returned to normal.
  8. Maziar said:
    Idle temp is good but loard temp is high , what is your fan speed ?

    Where can I check that speed?
  9. 115C is very hot - do what cleeve says. Opening your case should help with the airflow anyway.
  10. A shot in the dark, but Speedfan might do it. :p

  11. crisis said:
    Where can I check that speed?

    Rivatuner will do it. You can find it in the download section at www.guru3d.com
  12. Isn't the 7800 GTX a dual-slot card?

    If you're scared of opening the box, just put your hand behind the card slot and see if air is getting blown out...
  13. Do you smell burning....

    But they dont jsut go to that high of a temp, your fan is probably malfunctioning or something.
  14. Holy sh*t!! That's the highest GPu temp I've ever heard of!! 115C. I'd try to cook an egg on that puppy.

    You should, and i CAN NOT STRESS THIS ENOUGH!!! Buy an after market cooler. here's a few...

  15. I'm going to go ahead and be captain obvious. 100 C is boiling, and you are 15 Degrees above that. It's not good for the gpu, but overall higher temps = less life span.
  16. Silicon soup anyone?
  17. Valtiel said:
    Silicon soup anyone?

    Gimme soem crackers and I'm set. CHOW TIME BOYS!!!
  18. I had closer look on the card, and opened up the lid that covers the heatsink-cooling-system, and guess what I found there: dust. I removed all the dust, placed the heatsink-lid back on, and started the machine. Temps now show:
    When not playing games: 50 C
    When playing a game: 70 C

    This means the temperature dropped by 45 C on high load. I've monitored the temp for several hours now, and it's seems to be stable. I just wonder how long my gfx has been at those high temps...
  19. techgeek said:
    Rivatuner will do it. You can find it in the download section at www.guru3d.com

  20. I had the same problem with high temperature on the graphiccard and thanks to this forum, i found out that it might be a good idea to check for dust in the fan....

    It couldnt breath.....i got 100+ temp when playing...

    Now i got 60-70 when playing and the card can breath again :)

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