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Things look minorly choppy with my E6300. I was wondering if I should go with the Quad Penryn when they are available in November, December or January. I was also going to replace my video card which is a x1900xtx (saphire). I thought I should go to DX10 now that DX has been around and prices have been falling lately.
I was looking to get Flight Simulator X and perhaps Guild Wars (its free). I might go to WoW and depending on how Star Trek Online turns out, I will get that (release date is sometime in 2008). Maybe I might go to EVE.

Anyway to sum it all up, I want to jump back into MMORPG's but want to make sure I have great framerates. Part of me thinks that yeah my system is great but I should upgrade in a few months. Is Vista worth it now?

*was thinking of getting a full tower (side window and pull out mobo tray) and new PSU
*maybe get the X-FI Fidelity gamer series
*artic freezer for new cpu
*Logitech G15 gamer keyboard and gamer mouse
*Thinking of getting Nvidia 8800gtx (ATI HD series doesnt seem to have mindblowing positive reviews like the 8800)
* I also heard there are NVidia 9800's and ATI HD2950's in the horizon? should I get either of these?
Current System

E6300 (1.86GHZ) the 1.86 bothers me....i need to go to high 2's or at least 3GHZ
2GB ddr2-675 Corsair (not 4 because one stick is bad)
saphire x1900xtx
SB X-FI XM edition
x16 Lite ON x16DVD-RW DL w/ lightscribe
Aerocool ExtremEngine 3T (1 blower fan in front, 1 exhaust fan on side)
Thermaltake PurePower 500w PSU
Dynex keyboard and laser mouse
Windows XP Home edition service pack 2
DirectX 9c
Viewsonic 19" VX922
2.1 Klipsch sound system
Cable modem from local monopoly
uncomfortable chair
2 chirping parakeets
and a Compact Florescent lightbulb (energy star) up above
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  1. Your system is definitely good for WoW. A quad core system is completely overkill for WoW.

    If you're concerned about your clockspeed, just simply overclock it.
  2. Yeh second that ^
    your system is more than enought at the moment, and will get you too when the new penryns have been out a while and dropped in price along with the new high end GPU's next year.

    I also noticed youve got a 19" screen... GTX would be overkill for that anywayz cause your res is never going to surpass 1280x1024 anyway.

    If your that concerned get a Thermalrite ultra120 and 120mm fan and OC the e6300 till the rest emerge as supreme
  3. ok thanx :)

    (little nervous on overclocking though)
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