Technology keeps changing... Can you keep up?

Proud owner of what use to be a game machine a month ago, and it now finished. After paying so much for a computer I watched it being build from a couple of components in a box and into a dream machine. With the new announce of the directx 10.1 with new features and Smart shader 4.1, I just kinda looked at my machine and said "F@ck 0FF!" So 2000$ here, 2000$ there and I end up with a machine I had 2 years ago in this age!
So is my computer finished? or am I just going to have to accept the fact that 5 years from now its going to be used to surf the net only?
Offcourse I could just keep upgrading, thats always account = 0. So when smart shader 6 comes I'm gonna happy to say that I have fallen behind again, because 2 weeks later microsoft might announce 6.1!

Any1 else agree with me? am I crazy? If we kill Mr. Gates will it stop the Smart shader? (LOL)


Seriously u need a video card with smart shader to run Windows Vista Ultimate? R u sh*tting me? Well tought break voodoo and nvidia 2 owners!!!
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  1. Well i was happy living in a cave a few months ago but then they come out with a newfangled thing called a mudhut. After upgrading i'd never go back.. Now i'm in my hut i learn someone has invented bricks and morter. Think i'll wait till winter to upgrade.
  2. And this comes as a shock because? It's has always been this way with computers. I mean if you're happy with what you got, then don't worry about what's being announced. I'm still running a P4 and I'm quite happy with it. Why? It does what I need to do.

    PS: Only a brain dead moron would even THINK about running Vista Ultimate on a Voodoo GPU or anything from that era. I mean, Voodoo GPU's hasn't been made in at least 7 years. In other words, the PS was totally pointless.
  3. That technology for you.

    Adopters of Intel's Penryn CPU in early 2008 will need to deal with the fact that Penryn will become "obsolete" when Nehalem is released in late 2008 (which is an entirely new socket).

    Generally speaking, the component that usually lasts the longest is the monitor. My current 19" Planar PX191 is now about 4 years old. I'll probably replace that with the 26" Planar PX2611w or the 26" NEC 2690WUXi-BK which will hopefully last at least 4 years.
  4. The "Monitor" tends to be what I often splurge the most on.
  5. I just suggested voodoo as an idea of a video card. My friend has a amd Duron and it can't run Vista I just wanted to point out how Vista pushes the hardware industry on people.

    So the PS wasn't as pointless as you'd think:)
  6. I'm usuing a 2003 sony lcd display or 2002 Can't remember (17") I'm happy with it but it's starting to show it's age. White on the sides!


    I think I also have a power cord that I've been usuing since '99 :P
  7. No, it was as pointless as he thought.
  8. alright then I'm sorry for wasting 2 seconds of your lives by writing the PS :) hope it didn't offend you too much!
  9. Actually, it's always the CPU, mobo's and GPU's that change the most at least every six months. RAM is the second most often thing changed. The periphals (monitor, keyboard, etc) and storage devices (HDD's and opticals) are the last things to change. I mean, how long has IDE been around and now it's finally been phased out.

    Also, a big duh on the Duron/Vista comment. I mean, the Duron is at least 6 years old. I mean, why would anyone think to put a brand new OS on a machine that is that old! Most people won't even run Vista on Pentium 4 systems that are only a year old. That right there is pointless.
  10. My cousin is running windows Xp on a pentium 2 233mhz computer with 128 megs of ram and it works fine:) soo I dont think that its that hard to beleive that maybe a duron might have worked fine with vista:)
    Oh and to answer questions the windows is running fine. Obviously turned down some of the systems visuals but other than that it runs fine. While on duron even if u turn down vista visuals it still runs slow:)
  11. 10.1 is backward compatible with 10.0. Quit bitching. If you've got an 8800GTX/GTS/Ultra or an HD2900XT/PRO, then you've got a fine, beautiful graphics experience. If you've got a quad-core, ditto.

    So, you won't be able to turn on 10.1 lighting, you'll have to stick with 10.0 lighting. Who gives a flying rat's ass? If you upgrade once every two years, you'll still be ahead of 95% of the people out there with computers.
  12. Eh, you never really need the latest and greatest, I built a computer this year and it only has a 7900GS and a lower Core2Duo, and before that I was still enjoying an AthlonXP and X850 and had no problems with it other then lack of shader model 3. By the time I got SM2, SM3 was out and I get SM3 after SM4 is out, but since I can still play all current games on my 7900 I don't really care. SM4.1 probably won't be a requirement in games for a while if it is a requirement at all, since most people with DX10 have 8-series cards which aren't 4.1 compliant, I can't see most game companies making it required.
  13. runswindows95 said:
    Also, a big duh on the Duron/Vista comment. I mean, the Duron is at least 6 years old. I mean, why would anyone think to put a brand new OS on a machine that is that old! Most people won't even run Vista on Pentium 4 systems that are only a year old. That right there is pointless.
    That's ironic coming from someone who's screen name is "runswindows95". :lol: :lol: :lol: :kaola:

    It's actually a shame that a Duron can't run Vista well. Heck, you can take any flavor of linux and run tons of projects/apps on a Duron. I've got an old K6-2 @ 500MHz as a linux box that acts as my firewall and router and it's smooth as butter. Micro$oft is to blame for it's bloated code and eye candy which is essentially forcing users to upgrade hardware in machines that can and do still run all the apps that Joe Average needs. Really now, how much processing power does it take to run Office, open a web browser, and send an email. It goes w/o saying (but I'm gonna anyway) that gamers, enthusiasts, A/V editors, and coders need more when it comes to proc and gpu, but it doesn't change the fact the only reason (right now at least) to run Vista is to have DX10 support. And even then, there aren't really that many games on the market that use all DX10's capabilities.
  14. I have an old 750Mhz Duron as a Linux testbed, chunky. I'm currently running FreeBSD on it.

    Also, what do you mean runs fine? My idea of an OS running fine is being able to run securiy programs, open up Word, play mp3's, and run Firefox all at the same time without delay. I really don't see the point of running an OS on a system I can't use for anything else besides run the OS.
  15. I'm just pointing out that it works. lol are you just trying to keep and argument? Anways I have Ubuntu running on this computer. I love linux. I also have it on my xbox and on my ds, Alsoo had it on my ipod but I sold it!
  16. First off you don't NEED any upgrades. I know people who still use PIII 650-1300's for all there computer needs.....they still do all the web surfing and music most people are your will be a long time til 10.1 is still good for a while...

    You must be pissed off at the game developers and high end 3d animation market(and autocad while ure at it). This has nothing to do with MS(they just do with what others want....they say hey new says....ok....doing it...) and all to do with what developers want......not what you NEED....

    If you want to avoid it...get your self one of every console and call it a day.....for me i upgrade my pc regularly(or build a new one in many cases, the old one finds a good home....) so it has no effect on me....
  17. Quick answer NO. The P4 3.2 1GB ram 7600GS I bought just under 2 years ago is doing fine for what I use it for. Plays games fine and does video editing fine. 7 months after I bought mine the core 2 came out and left mine in the dust.
  18. finally an answer that answers my question:)
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