Recording videos choppy (good pc)

Hello guys.

here are my computer specs

Gateway FX6860
Intel i7 2600 3.4Ghz
Nvidia GTX560 Ti 1280GDDR5 320-bit
2TB SATA II (100mb/s)
128GB SSD (200mb/s)

For some reason, no matter what i try to record, no matter with which program (dxtory, fraps etc ) i get shitty playback when watching the videos

I tried recording on full, half the resolution with no major changes.
Games i wish to record in are Arma 2, BF3, CoD Bops.
When recording i prefer to use dxtory.
Bops runs on 200-300 fps, i limit to 100fps. While recording 25 fps videos, the recording is stable 25fps all the time (dxtory shows live video capture fps) and the game remains on 100fps.
When i playback the videos, it is choppy and lame.

Dont know what to do...

Any help will be appriciated.
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  1. Of course 25 fps will be choppy and lame. Record at 60 fps!
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