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Hisoxqihotur.exe trying to make changes to my computer?

So I have this program that I don't remember downloading ever called "hisoxqihotur.exe" it's located in my secure user folder, and when I googled it I got no returns, which made me get worried. It's program description in task manager is "Smaller Chill".... I don't download stupid stuff, I don't get click happy while browsing, and I generally go to the same sites all the time, although I have been going to a lot of tech sites for product reviews recently.
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  1. Do you use an sony software?
  2. Nope.... It wouldn't let me delete it last night because it said something else was currently using it, so I restarted the computer and deleted it before it was opened up... but now windows security essentials wont run. It says "The specified program does not exist as an installed service"
  3. Wow, well that was a fun morning... Restarted and repaired the computer about 15 times...

    I uninstalled microsoft security essentials, reinstalled. Ever time I ran a scan it would auto restart my computer with a warning after 5-30 seconds of the scan. Did eventually remove like 8 trojans and repair a virus. Reverted to a restore point a week ago and everything seems fine, running a full scan just to be sure.
  4. oh they were all sirefef. trojans/virus
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  6. Thanks, I ran that and everything is good. Full MSE scan was normal, I think I got it all.
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