How to hide one's internet activity from a wireless router

I would like to how one can hide their internet activity from the wireless router that they are wirelessly connected to from their laptop.

In other words, I am assuming that the owner (be it a college library or one's parents) of the router (that my laptop can wirelessly access for an internet connection) can see the sites visited/accessed as well as any internet activity that went through their router. So I would like to know how to access the internet while at the same time somhow blocking the router's owner from knowing what sites were visited (as well as internet activity that is not related to webpages, such as downloading files or windows update...) by someone who wirelessly connected to the connection they provided for use?

Thank You

(Note that my question is assuming that they have no physical access to my laptop, so they would not be able to view my browsing history that way)
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  1. Oh, I see. You don't want anyone to know where you're shopping for their Christmas presents, eh? Sounds like you need something a little stronger than a Boss Key.

    I'd start by looking into "anonymous surfing".
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