logitech z5500 vs creative gigaworks s750

ok i have a load of money and i need some serious speakers for my pc and tv.

My use for these speakers will be
60% films/video tv/ v shows
30%playing games FPS
20% music

i have onboard realtek sound from the asus p5k.

the z 5500 can decode dts and DD, but can the S750? or will i need a sound card? what are the benifti or DTS and DD?

further more the Z5500 are 190 and the S750 are 240 pounds sterlin

plus i have heard the s750 has blow after a couple months usage? any one heard of this?

will i have to get a graphics card. and is DIGital input better than analog?

Thank you

is there anything i should consider for the same price range?
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  1. The S750 is clearly better.
    However, with onboard audio you shouldnt even try running a sound system, so yes, sound card is really needed.
  2. ah thank you. i will prob get the CREATIVE X-FI EXTREME to go with it as it can decode dts and dd. the oem is selling for 30 pounds while the retail is selling for 50 pounds, any reason to get the retail?
  3. I have the z-5500's and they are awesome...I do not know anything about the S750's but from a user that has the 5500's...you can't go wrong. They rock. Definitely get the sound card.
  4. the Z-5500 are amazing, clear sound, powerful system. i cant have this spakers with too much volume cause my house start vibrating lol. i think the Z-5500 is the way to go
  5. yer i think the same the z 5500 are very good but the s750 is just a bit better, plus they have high frequency tweeter so they can rich the higher picthes. also whats better digital input or analog?
  6. digital for music and movies, analog for games.
  7. 300 pounds max!! what can your recommend?
  8. Firsty the most important thing you need is a new sound card the XFI Elite pro from creative is one of the best out there or any of the XFI family will suit you.

    Next the speakers I,ve owned both the Z550 and the S750 both are exellent speakers but the sub on the Z550 is better than the S750 however the S750 have better surround speakers so I use the combination of both

    Looking at what you use your computer for I would go for the Z550 if you were a music fan I would go for the S750.

    You ask about the benifit's of DTS well Most DVD's give you a menu audio choice which include 5.1 DTS This format will give you the surround sound experence which will blow your socks off, the sound is loud and punchy watch Saving private Ryan the bullets sound as if their whistling past your ears.

    All your decoding will be sorted by both sets of speakers along with a new sound card so do't worry about that.

    If you really wanted to go to town then then go to a specialist HI FI shop buy a AMP and Surround speakers hook up to your sound card and away you go but unless your A serious audiophile then you would be wasting your money, I listen to music through the set up I,ve just mentioned and the sound is exellent, Its as good as my HIFI and my HIFI cost a damn site more that A sound card and a set of S750's.
  9. correct me if i am wrong, but the creative speakers don't have digital optical and digital coax. I Have z-5500's and they rock, i run them over digitial opt. I see your p5k has digital coax, i suggest you use that
  10. wow the XFI Elite pro costs 200 pounds!iveread about 6 reviews each on both speakerfs and it says the s750 is better for films and the z5500 is better for music? is thing right. i have some cheap 50 pounds speakers.ive heard the z5500 and they are very good cant complain, i cant see what i will gain by spending £1k on speakers. im not an audiophile i just watch films thats it really.
  11. ah right thank you. ive read like 6 reviews all which have said the s750 are the best out of the z5500, z680 and the s750. but people are always saying the z5500 are better i think its just a bias as they dont know better. the only thing the s750 lacks is the digital but then again music is anaolog sound is anaolog its a wave, so cobverting into digtal will mean a lost of sound right? but still the reviews ahev ssaid the s750 is better even though it doesnt have coaxial etc. hmmmi i wish i could hear the s750 then i could judge
  12. ima think about it
  13. My recommendation to you is, go for neither of them. Why? Because they are crap and in no way a match for an audio system hooked to an amplifier system.

    With more or less the same amount of budget, you can buy yourself a decent amplifier unit and depending on whether you want to annoy your neighbour, you can get 100W or 150W speakers, hook your amplifier to your coaxial out / optical out at the back of your inbuilt sound card (Preferably if you can buy a decent Creative soundcard).

    Let your amplifier does the DTS, Dolby decoding, and hook another set of wires from your sound out to your amplifier's pre-amp in. Reason for this is, although most amplifier is able to decode DTS, Dolby, etc, I have yet seen one that can decode EAX. In this particular instance, EAX will be decoded by computer sound card, but the rest will be decoded by the amplifer.

    This is a killer combo, probably work out to be over your budget, but hey, you can work slowly up, from a 2.1 -> 7.1 and get to choose all the best speaker as you go along. If you are on tight budget, you probably can get away with a standalone amp, a subwoofer and 7 small satelite speakers, all within your budget

    I have the Gigaworks system, but soon realise that Gigaworks which is the most expensive computer speaker is only comparable to a lower to mid range speaker in the audio market. And Gigaworks is not cheap. The only thing that Gigaworks is comparable to the audio system is the subwoofer, the rest of the speakers is like comparing Kia to Mercedes. I have done some rewiring to fit my Gigaworks to my amplifier, at the moment, I am using all 7 speakers, but I think I will upgrade my way up and will probably only keep the subwoofer. Oh, did you know that Gigaworks speaker only go all the way up to 70W whereas 100W is consider the norm in a typical audio system?
  14. Rating for gigaworks amp? The subwoofer does 210W, while 70W for 7 of the speakers, making it a 700W speaker system.

    It definitely definitely can't do 700W because apparently the Creative Engineer cannot do their maths, they equip the power cable with 3A fuse or whatever 5A fuse for US model. With that sort of fuse rating, before the speaker can output that sort of wattage, the fuse would have blown.

    Maybe that explain why so many people complaint about blown fuse.
  15. wow this is confusing! then again i have a 5.1 system with 6watts per a channell then like 35 watt sub. or something like that and its fine kinda lol. so 1000watts will be over kill unless i wana get thrown out the house.

    so what amp do you recommend? and what speakers?
  16. Quote:
    if you have a ton of money, why are you looking at pc speakers. yes i own the s750's and as pc speakers they are very good but completely and utterly unbalanced when it comes down to accurate sound reproduction.

    the have a big sub which is useless for clarity, good for gaming where being boomy and making the floor vibrate but they also have small mid range speakers which are weak compared to the very good tweeters.

    it is also not that solid at high volumes for my liking. true i use it at close range due to room size but if you have the cash, there are better. As reference i use some floor standers which put them to the creative to shame. This will be no different to the z5500's, perhaps even worse.

    what sort of budget have you got?

    Amen. I have the Z5500's (for a little of a year) they're okay for PC speakers but if you have a ton of money, consider at least a receiver and some truer speakers. Now, if $250 is your "ton of money" well, you may still be able to beat PC speakers.
  17. its 250 pounds so about 400$ with the gay conversion!
  18. Well, if you have the space you'd be better of with even one of those "cheaper" pre-packaged home-theatre kits, in my opinion. ...and you'd get more utility (if you can use the utility). Don't get me wrong, the Z5500 are certainly enjoyable for PERSONAL surround and if you want to annoy your neighbors. The sub it has...will kill bacteria on your walls. ...but the sats are pretty directional (poor dispersion).

    So, if these are just for you and you're limited on space (don't have the space (or don't want to use the space) for a receiver than the z5500s may be justified on that ground. ...but looking back, I'd say go with a pre-packaged home theater kit (if you don't want to spend the time searching for seperates).
  19. Cambridge Audio Azur 640R has good ratings, but can cost quite a bit. If you are on budget, the Sony is a steal.

    AV is the hub to the entire audio system, so, best not to try cut corner on the AV.
  20. well i barely have any room lol, my room sixe is about 5 by 4 metres then my screen is about 3 metres away from the wall so i really only have 2 metres by 3.5 metres. so very tight on space!

    im starting to think i may just get the s750 with a sound card, but i duno now really hmm.

    are there any amps which are cheaper much cheaper! as i dont wana spend £2k on speakers
  21. ok my speakers i have the 70 watt 5.1 ones have just broke :( so i need to decide quick!
  22. I am a Gigaworks owner, I can assure you that the s750 is powerful enough to blow your wall apart. With such a small room, do you really need 700W speaker system? You may be able to grab a speaker system completed with the AV receiver for less if you visit Richersounds or visit their website (presume you are from UK as you quoted pound instead of any other currencies).

    Before I forget, I need to remind you that Gigaworks is a PC speaker system, it cannot be wired to your home theatre system without buying a standalone Creative DDTS-100 decoder. Apparently, Creative has stopped producing DDTS-100. Your only choice if you want to hook up the Gigaworks to your shinny Plasma, Xbox, PS3, SkyHD, etc is either you buy a used DDTS-100 decoder from the ebay or get yourself an AV Receiver with a bit of manual rewiring work to the speaker system.

    Creative DDTS-100 decoder is even more rare than pair of jeans crafted by Versace himself, so, be expected to pay a premium to buy one, even a used one from Ebay. If you are as frustrated as I do when trying to buy one from the internet, you may want to follow my footstep, that is to fork out an additional £50 - £80 on top of whatever the ebayer says the Creative DDTS-100 decoder is worth and get a complete audio/video connectivity all in one AV box. I am pleased I have gone for this route but regretted that I picked up an AV without all the bells and whistles, like HDMI upscaling functionality, etc. But that is another story to tell for tomorrow.

    Conclusion is, if you only intend to hook your speaker to your PC, Gigaworks is almost too powerful. Games / Movies, Gigaworks really shine in these area, but is a bit weak for Music - too bassy, with all the higher frequencies sound almost entirely buried away by the powerful subwoofer. The choice is yours.
  23. ok, i shall only be connecting just myt pc and my tv via white and red outputs. so if i want dts or dd couldnt i just get a sound card which decode it. hmmm as its going on ebay for like 150-200 pounds so i would end up spending a crazy amount of money on speakers.

    yer my room is very small and i have/had some little 70 watt speakers and they were ok for films. so x10 that and getting 700 sounds crzy.

    are the 2 extra speakers worth it the 7.1? does it ,make sound better. also does the speakers upmic 5.1 into 7.1? without the ddts box?
  24. ah i see i really need the speakers now cant watch any films :(

    you said its bloomy what about for films as really now i dont even listen to music in the house just on my archos player.

    But could you helo me on this, i need a sound card which supports dts and dd decoding, what do you suggest the x-fi xtreme music looks good.

    Also doe they upmix to 7.1? the speakers or the sound card
  25. yes the soundcard I believe does do 7.1 upmixing, I have the z5500 and the Extreme music, and I must say... watching DivX Transformers with it, sound very stunning in my room, it nearly seemed real. The sub kicks ass with the sound card.. you just need to tune it a little bit. I'm absolutely amazed by this system for this amount of money. And the soundcard kicks ass too, the software and the use of this card in games is very sweet. minus point is I have a wooden floor and you can hear it down the parking lot where the people go for their shoppings, but hey, who cares anyway :) aslong as I don't get angry people at my door ;)
  26. good good, does DTS and DD make a difference? as i have a number fo HD in those formats
  27. I don't remember sound card has coaxial/optical in, at least not for the cheap oem creative sound card that I have got. Where are you going to connect the red / white cable to? The sound card Analogue Line in? The red/white RCA don't carry multichannel, I suppose you already knew that.

    Gigaworks can upmix a 5.1/6.1 from the sound card to 7.1 on Gigaworks. It cannot upmix the red/white RCA, 2 channel to 7.1. You need the DDTS-100 decoder to do that for you. I think my soundcard can upmix a 2 channel source to 7.1 via CMSS or CMSS2 (one is better for movie, the other is better for music, can't remember which), with or without EAX. But they are really crap, causes fatigue and echo, and I often do with just stereo and turn off the upmix, just can't stand the sound effects of the upmix, as if someone sing or talk through a bucket.

    If you only intend to hook the speaker system to the PC and nothing else, Gigaworks is your choice (I never tried z5500, but tried z680 before, gigaworks still my preference). If you intend to hook the speaker system to your tv, or any other devices, i suggest you look for a separate av system.
  28. i was thinking i could just get a splitter which spits the red white into 3.5mm, then a 3.5mm splitter which splits 2 channels into one. one from the tv and one from the pc. ah its confusing.
  29. Quote:
    the sub is boomy but for movies it don't really matter. as the other guy said, saving private ryan is fantastic especially the intro with the crashing waves and games sound good as well. if music isn't needed this system will do you fine.

    it will be more than you need as long as you don't hear anything that is better.

    Many people swear that dts is much better then dd, and i tend to agree. The problem is that very few movies are encoded in dts, as for recommendations i have never used the s750's but when i was in the market for pc speakers i heard many dreadful story's about people leaving the s750's on, causing the sub to overheat and rendered it useless... thus i avoided these problems by purchasing the z-5500 and they sound pretty good. I wouldn't consider them as good as a high end home theater system, but they sound great and the bass can be pretty heavy, plus you will never use them at full volume unless you just want to show off your vibrating house ;) .
  30. sharp, I don't quite understand what you are trying to do actually. You should connect all three 1/8" jack to the s750, it comes with cable with 3x1/8" (to the soundcard) and 4x1/8" on the other end (to s750).

    Where are you going to plug your red/white rca? You said you gonna get a splitter which allows you to plug the audio out from tv and audio out from pc to a single 3.5mm jack, where does this jack goes? The back of the speaker? The speaker has four female jack.
  31. ok ill get one of these, http://www.astarsolutions.co.uk/products/?pc=1121&r=froogle
    and plug it into the green jack in the pc.

    then ill get a http://www.amazon.co.uk/Hama-Connection-Cable-3-5mm-phono/dp/B0009V8W6O/ref=pd_sbs_ce_2_img/203-8795952-5121561
    connet it from the tv to the splitter, if i am right

    This will allow the tv to be inputted in to the speakers and the pc also.

    if the splliter can go both ways, well the current can flow both ways.

    Do you understand?
  32. sharp910sh said:
    ok ill get one of these, http://www.astarsolutions.co.uk/products/?pc=1121&r=froogle
    and plug it into the green jack in the pc.

    then ill get a http://www.amazon.co.uk/Hama-Connection-Cable-3-5mm-phono/dp/B0009V8W6O/ref=pd_sbs_ce_2_img/203-8795952-5121561
    connet it from the tv to the splitter, if i am right

    This will allow the tv to be inputted in to the speakers and the pc also.

    if the splliter can go both ways, well the current can flow both ways.

    Do you understand?

    You want to connect audio out from the TV to audio out from the PC. No, this won't work. An output must always be connected to an input. That is the basic. You can't go very wrong if you follow this rule.
  33. ok, how would i do it? is there a way?
  34. Don't split signals you will get audio signal loss and more attenuation and noise in the signal!

    Get a decent amp, and decent speakers and you will be happy, don't make it complicated!
  35. agreed. and with $400 available to spend, you can get a pretty decent multi component setup. the a/v amplifier/receiver will make it so you can connect all of your individual media sources (pc/tv/console/dvd player/etc) and not need to bother with things being overly complicated as youre probably thinking, needing to split audio connections and all that.

    at the very least you should get a 5.1 a/v receiver, which can run around $100+ for a basic 5.1 model. they usually have at least a few audio/video inputs/outputs, composite/svideo/component video connections, radio, analog and optical/coaxial digital audio connections, dd/dts decoding, dolby prologic, etc. pretty much all or most of the essentials included

    a seperate 5.1 setup will provide standard surround, it usually consists of 5 satellites and a sub for bass, you can get a decent setup from sony for around ~$200+. decent satellites will tend to weigh a few pounds [each], and be able to provide ample midrange on their own, without needing the sub to help. they may come with 2-3 or more drivers installed per satellite. the dilemma here, is that most satellite setups tend to lack a lot of the midrange, leaving only the subwoofer to make up for it. huge gaps in the sound then, and the sub usually overcompensates for that with overzealous bass, which doesnt help.

    if the a/v receiver has support for 6.1/7.1 surround, you can also choose to later invest in a pair of floorstanding speakers to use as your front channels (and move the satellites to being strictly surrounds). floorstanding speakers cover the whole audible range by use of 3-5 or more drivers, which smooths the transition between frequencies, filling in the gaps in sound between subs, midrange, and tweeters. some models are more slim/compact, and others are fairly large, which may take up more room than youre comfortable with. if you forego floorstandings due to space limitations, you can instead look at a pair of bookshelf speakers, which can offer decent bass midrange and higher frequences as well, they may come with as many drivers as floorstandings have, which will allow for a smoother sound between higher and lower frequencies. a pair of bookshelves can range anywhere from ~$60+ for more basic models, basic floorstandings are usually somewhat more expensive though ($100+), and usually require more listening distance to sound good; sit 'too' close and you wont hear all the sound

    decent speakers can be heard quite easily without much volume at all or needing to directly face the speaker even, due to how theyre designed. most pc speakers however need more volume to be heard well, with them directed at you too, again, because of how theyre designed (typically a lighter weight/flimsier construction/only using tweeters are some of the biggest reasons for this drawback).

    but, 7.1 and even 5.1 may be overkill if you dont have sufficient space to place all the speakers where youd really want them to go.

    another issue is room acoustics, which is probably overkill to mention in itself, you may have a room that sounds really good, and can make even really bad speakers still sound decent. or you may have a room that sounds really bad (too much echo, etc), that would make really good speakers sound bad even. so, yeah.

    but, all that aside, $400 is enough to get a decent HT setup if you look around. the all in one HTIB setups (home theatre in a box) that come with all the speakers as part of an all in one dvd/receiver, usually sound about as good as a typical 5.1 pc setup more or less. and theyre definetly not all that expensive either, ~$200 is probably more than enough for one.

    as far as whether 7.1 sounds better than 5.1, its biggest advantage is filling in more of the surround sound field with additional ambiances from the sides, that you wouldnt get with 5.1, which only has speakers in front and behind for the most part, which leaves a noticable gap in comparison. movie theatres for instance, have the equivalent of 7.1 surround, in the sense that they have speakers in front, to the sides, and behind.
  36. S750 is a very good speaker to go with your PC provided you don't introduce any additional devices to the speaker system. If you want to share your new speaker with other entertainment devices, I suggest you get a DDTS-100 or any standalone AV system.
  37. hmm i went into a sony dealer today, what do you think ut the sony ss1100 1000watts and 5.1. its a home cinema system. with optical in for my pc and left and right imput. 190 pounds so about 400 $.

    it can decode dts/DD dolby prologic/2 and dolby dual mono. is that good enough?

    is that any good?
  38. knowing its a htib set, the biggest question i have then is if youre going to be able to make use of the multiple hdmi connections on it. since the amplifier i would guess is probably taking up around $200+ of the total cost. looking through the online manual, they have one half page devoted to its speakers, and the remaining 59 pages devoted mainly to 2 different amplifier models. just based on that alone, and the limited info on the speakers themselves, it does seem you can do a lot better, if youre going for sound quality over connectivity.

    if you need the hdmi connections though (such as for watching bluray and hddvd discs, assuming you have a compatible player already), then i guess you cant argue with the price too much.
  39. ah right, all i need is a optical in and a white and red input for my tv. supporting DTS and DD. I dont need all the HDMI inputs. does it seem like a waste then? is there anything better?
  40. sorry took so long to respond...

    but definetly. though most receivers will come with at least a few different connections, which given what youre looking for, is almost guaranteed to be overkill anyhow, unless you find other things you may want to connect later on too, such as you may want to later dedicate it to being strictly a home theatre setup, maybe in a living room for example when they outlive the life of your pc, which is something that you really cant do well at all with pc speakers. but that aside, heres some ideas for the receiver and speakers:

    Sony 5.1 A/V Receiver - $118 (i added this afterwards, it comes with HDMI support too, coincidentally)

    Sony 6.1 A/V Receiver - $140

    Sony Center Channel - $88

    Sony Center Channel and Satellite Pair - $55

    Sony Bookshelves - $49 per pair

    Sony Bookshelves - $85 per pair

    Sony Powered Subwoofer - $67

    Sony Powered Subwoofer - $120

    so, depending on how many and which model speakers you might get, youll stay under your $400 budget, possibly by a lot (the cheapest 5.1 speaker/receiver combination came out to $289). if you were to get a surround amp and just a pair of floorstandings ($233 cheapest combination from the list), it will definetly sound better than the $289 5.1 combo, but it offers no surround then either, as its only 2 speakers, you can always add more speakers though, of coarse

    and if you later wanted to, you could add a surround back speaker too, since the 6.1 receiver will allow for 6.1 channel dd-ex and dts-es decoding. it might also allow for splitting the single surround back channel into 2 seperate surround back channels, as some 6.1 receivers will allow that, effectively creating 7.1 surround. and so if you later wanted to purchase floorstanding speakers for use as the front speakers, instead of purchasing even more bookshelves, then heres some examples:

    Sony 3-way Floorstanding Speakers - $115 per pair

    Sony 4-way Floorstanding Speakers - $175 per pair

    (you could also purchase 1 front center channel, 1 floorstanding pair for the fronts, 1 bookshelf pair for the side surrounds, and 1-2 other bookshelf speakers for the back surround(s), and maybe 1 powered subwoofer for more additional bass that you can position elsewhere, such as closer to where a person might be sitting; floorstandings effectively replace the need for a seperate sub, but a seperate sub can be helpful as well, if you need additional low frequencies)

    as far as 5.1 satellite and sub setups, heres a set that was given to me as a gift at christmas, it was purchased for $200 in 2003 at best buy, this online retailer is selling them for $350 though, probably because theyre no longer available. they had sold for as much as $800 at some places, but i really cant imagine anyone having paid that much for them

    Sony 5.1 Satellites and Sub

    so a pair of the above listed 3-way floorstandings 2 years later really helped to smooth out the remaining range that the satellites and sub were lacking by themselves, it was a significant improvement, to say the least.

    but, all of the above listed speakers are matched fairly well as far as specs and such, being as how theyre all from the same relative range of models. frequency range, materials used, and all that, meaning they should all sound pretty similar to one another... i guess even colors are matched for that matter too, from an aesthetic POV.
  41. i like all of them, but the only problem is I'm from the UK so i cant get the any of the speakers, i can only get the two two sony amps, which are more than twice that than in the US. 140 pounds and 160 pounds. and i cant get any of the speakers on ne pair which are pu of stock for the next 2 months. what can i get which is here in the UK, budget of £300 pounds, more if its worth it.

    Thank you!
  42. go with the logitechs
  43. why?
  44. yeah, i wasnt sure if those models would be available to you, theyre just some basic guidelines to go by. also to show that if youre going to spend that amount on speakers, you really shouldnt go with anything less than higher quality, aka, HT range sound. pc speakers are more if youre on a constraint of some kind, either space limitations (which is why satallites were introduced), or a more limited budget, such as under ~$200 even.

    i know a few of the etailers shipped internationally, cuz each item had like, ~6 or so seperate stores that sold them...

    the 3-way floorstandings for example ship internationally:

    though shipping is going to be a pain, looking at the price of shipping alone... $115 for the speakers, but shipping is almost half that, $54. so i guess if you take shipping into account for each item, you might overrun your budget by a bit, which isnt going to work then. so, the speakers are definetly worth it, no doubt (also because of the lifespan they have, ~20+ years, which is going to definetly outlive the usefulness of your pc), and many times theyre affordable, but, you may have to make some cuts if you this route from these etailers, either going with much higher quality 2 channel sound, which may be ideal given the cost constraints unfortunately (again, shipping cost is the biggest problem here, moreso than the cost of the actual speakers)... or lower quality 5.1 satellite/sub surround, which would also work. whichcase, the 5.1 HTIB you chose would seek to work given what you need, thinking about it again.

    theres also ebay in the UK, if youre open to that. and you can definetly find some affordable deals on HT speakers. but again, its ebay.
  45. plus in the UK they add tax like mad! so the 125$ speakers would cost be about 250-300$. which is about £125 pounds!!! I'll just need to search in the UK as import tax is mad!

    I can increase my budget as like you said these speakers will last a number of years.

    I'll just see what i can gt, as none of the shops sell speakers at my price.

    Thank you
  46. You can pick up a pair of floorstanding speakers from Richersound for less than £100.
  47. from what i can tell, it looks pretty decent. going by the speaker weight and dimensions, it looks like they should have fair amount of excursion, meaning you shouldnt need to turn the volume up by much to get a satisfactory listening experience. and because of their dimensions and weight, they most likely contain drivers that 'should' handle both mid/upper-mid and high frequencies well. and the receiver has everything you need too, 100w per channel is definetly enough to drive the satellites well, and all the connectivity options you need are there, and then some. the sub is probably okay at best though, it should be enough to provide adequate bass, as long as its not turned up loud, as itll probably bottom out and clip at higher volumes. just a guess anyhow, based on its dimensions, weight, and rated output, though i could be wrong.

    but, as far as the sub being up loud, you may not need to turn it up much at all anyhow, because the receiver has an auto adjust mic that can tune all the speaker volumes to the appropriate levels, so theyre all balanced with one another, regardless of where theyre placed.
  48. wow, thank you it does seem like a good system for the price! i shall be buying it
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