e6600 with fatal1ty FP-IN9 overclock suggestions?

hey guys i got an e6600 with an abit fatal1ty 650 chipset...
anyone familiar with this particular setup? i have adata vitesta ddr2 6400 2x2gb ram installed... and im stable @ 333 x 9 fsb w/ 4-4-4-12 timings, 667 ddr2, 3.0 gigs oc'd

1.425 vcore
2.0v ddr
1.39 vtt
1.43 nb

sync mode, manual timings, ltd down from 5x to 4x

im wondering if anyone here has any ideas on how i can get up to 3.2.... probably @ 400 fsb w/ 8x multi? any suggestions to optimal voltages or multipliers would be very helpful. i have tried different things but cant seem to get it to boot past windows logo. is it because the ram is so dense? this is with a thermaltake V tornado which received a 9 kickass in pc mag a few mo's back... any help is appreciated!!

just for reference to those who have this mobo im running bios 15

im kind of scared to go any higher with the vcore... will 1.5 be too much?
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  1. I'm no pro, or even knowledeable by any means... but I was playing around with this stuff today trying to reach 400 /w 9x multi. With an E6600 you shouldn't have any problems reaching 3.2 or even 3.3. To get up to the 340+ fsb x9 range, you will have to up your vcore to at least 1.45 to get it to post... stability is something else. I'm at 366 fsb 9xmulti with 1.48 and stable.
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