Switching on my system is become a tougher than winning a lotto

When ever I press the button in front of the system, The CPU fan turns on and with in a second it turns off again.
Then I have to swith off the mains, again repeate the same process.
If still system, is not swithed on do the same. :o
So some time it Switches on, So this goes for minimum 20 iteration, Some times if I was lucky only few iteration are required.

I remember this happened for few days back in an a year when I assembled my system,
But after that it was ok.
Recently I updated my Graphics card and CPU cooler. then this problem again started. :pfff:
Once the system starts then it can restart any number times, no problem, But once i switch off mains and try to start it after some time same problem :fou:

Is this a Power supply problem? Please help.

Core 2 Duo E6600 & Thermalright 120 X, Asus P5B Delux/Wifi, Transcend JetRAM 677 1GB * 2 :(, WD 74GB, Seagate 200GB SATA, Samsung 940BW, BFG 8800GTS, Windows XP SP2,Zebronics 750W PSU
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  1. It may be. Please describe your rig, including the PSU.
  2. Dismantle your system and place your motherboard on a wooden table. Start by placing only the CPU and RAM and then carefully place the CPU cooler watching for any metal contact between it and your board. Then insert the graphics card and finally connect the PSU. Nothing else. No hard drives, no optical drives, no keyboard and mouse, no floppy drive and no USB. It wil probably turn on fine. Power cycle a few times. You will probably have 100 per cent success. If this is the case then reassemble your system and place your cables carefully so that they don't twist or bent abruptly. Your problem will be fixed. If your PC is ok at this stage, then start installing any other expansion cards you may have, hard disks etc. People tend to blame PSUs lately for every problem, but this is not always the case.
  3. Onus said:
    It may be. Please describe your rig, including the PSU.

    Sorry, I updated my message.

    Before purchasing PSU, I looked into PSU recomendation list,
    It was the best PSU which you can gift to your Enemy :kaola:
  4. Sounds like a failsafe is engaging. That is what they are suppose to do. A key failsafe is the connection to the cooler. If the cooler is not engaged or working properly, the CPU will enter immediate shutdown mode.

    This means a critical component is not working, not connected, not connected fully, there is a short in a power cable, etc etc

    Like steffato said, try building the sytem up from the basic and insure each component is working. Have a working computer that you can swap parts with is very handy.
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