True Vista Compatable Wi-Fi Adapters, are there any?

I have tried a high end netgear usb adapter ($100) with some success. It was rated as vista compatable, and worked for internet conncetion while surfing. In my room I could not play any MMOG's but if I was set up in the room with the wireless router, I could. While in my room I would disconnect immediately after entering the game. I would stay connected long enough to connect to the server, but once actual gameplay started, I was disconnected, for instance in WoW, I could connect, pick my server, pick my character, and the initial level would load, but I would disconnect immediately after. I could move my character, but nothing else would move, it would last about 5 seconds and boot me. Wired to the router, I had full access and no issues. A vista rated internal adapter from linksys was only vista-32 bit rated, so that was out. Anyway if anyone knows a true vista 64 bit wireless adapter, internal or usb, I would love to hear your stories, successful or not.

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  1. This is a toughie!!! The latest issue of Maximum PC is very high on the D-Link DIR-655 (November 2007 issue, p. 60), as the top rated 802.11n router. D-Link has a "matching" adapter, the DWA-552, but you would probably need the ANT24-0230 antenna in order to get the maximum performance. The D-Link website does list a WHQL Vista driver for this adapter, dated 9-20-07, just don't know how well it would work, if at all, for Vista 64.

    Good Luck!
  2. joewho said:

    I'll have to look into that, definitely thanks for the link. Don't have a lot of time to do the research right this second, but maybe I will opt for next day shipping with the low low price after the rebate.

    If anyone else has any suggestions, please feel free to keep this going, it's good to have options.


    It looks good, they supposedly have 64 bit vista drivers, so that's a plus. I should be getting it in about 2 days, I'll let you all know how it works.
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