Best windows video/photo editing?

software for video and photo editing. want to do lot's of different things here.
but, the priority is the control I have and the power and quality I can make of things.
I always used a mac for these 2 things so I have very little knowledge for them as for windows.
As far as ease of use well as long as it's not going to fight me to do certain things I am completely fine with complex software i'll have time to learn it well.

Also, if it's not included in the software something that I can use to make full featured DVD's.

Mostly for home movies and such. But, also for a friend as they are a photographer and they do weddings and such and I brought up the idea of making fully loaded dvd's for the photos/videos from the events. All I need is the software.

Edit: keep in mind Best software price no object.
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  1. my system is in sig. Just added sig :P
  2. Adobe creative suite
  3. okay i just got CS6 master collections. I am now looking for videos and or guides that will assist me in using the software to it's best ability. My focus is entirely from recording videos and taking pictures to improving them and then making a dvd. I am assuming i only need to use Encore/premiere Pro and Photoshop. so any guides for them would be much appreciated.

    Also, when i did this kinds of work before i used a mac. I know this stuff is far less user friendly than their software. But, I do have a few questions. Does or can premiere pro change and fix the audio in videos or would i require using auditions
  4. Here is a link with some trial tutorial ebooks:

    You can find video tutorials on YouTube.

    Auditon will offer many more tools for fixing audio than Premiere will. I am a CS6 user but by no means claim to be an expert.
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