HD audio problem on GA-P35-DS3R that gigabyte support can't solve

From the thread's title, I have a GA-P35-DS3R with some sound issues. I looked through the previous threads and it looks like my problem is a bit different than the other audio issues with this board. My audio has always functioned in this manner since I booted it up for the first time. The problem is as follows: My SPDIF connection seems to be not processing anything above a 2 channel signal. I get audio from both my optical and coaxial outlets but they are not giving me any rear channel, center, or subwoofer output. The software that came with the Realtek HD audio does not recognize that a HD signal is being processed. Also, the SPDIF on my regular audio settings on my control panel is greyed out and unusable. I can run a test on the different channels(2,4,6,8 channels) with the realtek software and the only sound I get is from the front left and right speakers. Further, on the SPDIF settings it is not reading anything. It says "unlock" on the status column and all the sampling rate and data validation columns are blank. I don't think it is getting anything other than a 2 channel signal. How could I get only a two channel signal through my optical line? It works and yet it doesn't.

I presented this problem to Gigabyte tech support about two months ago and they never got back to me on it. So, I called them last week and forced the issue. It turns out that even if they can duplicate my setup, they only use headphones and cannot tell if the audio is functioning properly(no rear, center, subwoofer speakers.) The tech support rep told me to look for software that tests the SPDIF audio and get back with them and tell them if it works. You have to be kidding me!!! Apart from being completely frustrated with them, I wonder if they will pay me for the answer? Regardless, does anyone have an idea what is wrong with my audio? I have all the latest drivers installed with no issues. All in the the device manager is good. No issues there. Please help...I even sent an email to the Realtek company here in California but I am expecting nothing from them. Obe-won...you are my last hope.
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  1. I had the same problem (precisely the same motherboard). I fixed it by accident by installing the
    NVDVD player that came with EVGA card, and configuring it to use the S/PDIF out. I suspect that
    what is missing is a some kind of AC3 driver. If you have an ATI card, it comes with their DVD
    player. PowerDVD probably also has one, and there's also an open source program called AC3Filter (http://ac3filter.net/) to try.

    I would first install the DVD player that matches your graphics card if you haven't already, and
    configure it to use the S/PDIF.
  2. I know this thread is ancient but I just spent two hours trying to solve this problem and it's pretty hard to figure out because it involves multiple variables that normal tech support people are unfamiliar with.

    SPDIF Output Sampling Rate must be set low enough for your receiver to handle the signal properly. My receiver can handle 96Khz and 48Khz, but not 192Khz and that's what the output was set at in the realtek hd. GL!
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