External enclosure compatibility to laptop HD

I need to put the HD from my son's deceased laptop into an external enclosure, so that I can recover the files. (Naturally he hadn't backed up recently..)

I bought a Nippon Labs EN-25USB enclosure from NewEgg (good price, seems well made).

My question is whether this is compatible with the HD, a Hitachi GST 80GN series drive, specifically model IC25N030ATMR04.

Data sheet for the drive is here:

My concern is the case has a separate 4-pin power connection, the drive has no separate power connection. The case & drive both have 44-pin connectors, which seem to mate fine. No jumpering is needed on the drive, it defaults to a master.

My main worry is damaging the drive, damaging the case would be annoying, but far less serious.

Thank you for any assistance! :)
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  1. nope, those 4 pins do not get used in this case.
  2. googling i found this

    those pins are actually optional jumpers which more often than not- are not used.
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