North Bridge causing hard freeze??

Forgot to mention the operating system. 32 or 64bit ?

Had a similar problem with Vista 64bit. First of all, the "new" driver ( for Crysis ), from nvidia, totally locks up the game. Had to revert back to the old one.

I did install the update from Microsoft, that helped take care of the problem.

Are you trying to run at too high a resolution or do you have everything cranked up either because you think your card can do it, or because of the "auto detect' that's provided ?

A friend of mine has the gtx on his machine.... he's having a little trouble too, so it probable isn't the card itself.

Try un-installing and re-installing. I did that when I reverted to old drivers and it helped also.
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  1. Hi there,

    I just had a weird problem and I haven't found anything similar on the Forums... I buit my new system 1 month ago and everything was fine till now. I was playing the Crysis demo when I had a hard freeze (the pc just stopped instantly as if I had a power failure). I tried it again and it did it again.

    I don't understand because I am playing without a hitch games like oblivion, Rainbow six vegas, Bioshock.

    Now, I did some testing with Coretemp and Everest and while playing Crysis my temps looked pretty normal (cpu 38-40 degre and GPU 65-70) I would suspect a heating problem anyway because I played Crysis for more than an hour with my case open and everything was fine till I closed it because I tought it was ok and it hard freezed again 5 minutes later... I ran 3dmark06 and everest stress test and it looks ok.

    My north bridge heatsink is burning hot but it has been since I built the rig and I read it is "normal" for an asus p5n32-e sli. Is it possible that this is the cause of it?? Or can it be the power supply that isn't providing enough power??

    Any idea would be greatly appreciated

    Thanks, Charles

    My spec:

    P5N32-E sli
    C2D e6850 - Thermalright ultra 120 extreme
    BFG 8800 GTX OC2 - Thermalright HR-03 plus
    4gig Crucial Ballistix ddr2 800
    2 x Raptor 74gig Raid 0
    Caviar 250 gig
    OCZ 700W Gamexstream
    p182 case
  2. Thanks for your input!

    I use vista home premium 32 bit and the new Nvidia forceware 1.62 drivers

    I was playing with every setting to High but the auto detect was putting me on very high.

    What really bugs me is that it did occured once while playing S.T.A.L.K.E.R with the ultra graphic mod. As I said, the north bridge is really hot and/or it might be a power problem because my computer just shutdown instantly?

    When I boot back up, I get the Windows screen asking which way to boot (safe or normal) I boot normally and everything looks fine again. I'm really confused :( Any ideas??
  3. A couple of things. One, Vista, I've been fighting with it every time I boot that machine up. It was obviously released before it should have been.

    I'm not familiar with that motherboard off hand. But I usually purchase Gigabyte boards now. On the one with Vista in it I put a 40mm fan on the north heat sink to cool it down. Works well.

    You may want to try and increase the voltage to the memory a little. Under volting will cause that, and yes, the heat also.

    Keep plugging away. The more fixes for Vista users out here the better. Let us know if you find anything.
  4. Well from what I read from other forum, my p5n32-e sli seems to be a very unreliable motherboard... Since the power just cutted instantly while was playing, I guess this is from the motherboard.

    Am I right to think that?? Do you know how reacts a system that isn't provided with enough power from the PSU??

  5. Remove a couple of sticks of memory, one or two of your cd/dvd rom drives, your floppy if you have one, and then try it out. The more things you can eliminate from power usage the better.

    This will give you an idea if the psu is good enough.
  6. Good idea! Is there a way to monitor watt consumption or do I just need to try again crysis and if it doesn't shutdown it's all good??

    I have Everest and coretemp but I can only see the voltage?
  7. I don't know about any of those programs. I don't use them.

    The rapid shut down. Could be any number of defective components causing it.

    Try what I said before and see what happens.

    On a side note. Download and try Raxco disc defragger. Doesn't take as long as Vista and may defrag more. When it's done it'll let you know if anything else needs to be done. If it does, do it.
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