PC Freezing Up - Help :(

Hey hope y'all ok :D

PC randomly freezes (Doesn't BSOD or restard).


Motherboard: Asus P5N-E SLi
CPU: P4 3.4GHz (Decent cooler)
GPU: EVGA 512mb 8600GT
PSU: Casecom 500W (Lol i know)
RAM: Patriot DDR2 2GB PC6400 Extreme Performance
Soundcard: Creative X-FI Xtreme Music

Any ideas??
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  1. Is the freeze truly random, or does it happen under certain circumstances, such as when the system is under load (e.g. while gaming)?
    There's not a lot of information there. Could be malware / droneware, overheating, RAM, PSU, GPU, etc. etc....
  2. While gaming yes but also sometimes just on the desktop, it's random, my pc has been on 8 hours and froze 3 times, twice in wow and once on desktop. It's not malware or anythink like that, systems clean.
  3. Still no answer :'( lol i do appreciate any help given though, just ask for any other info and ill give it you i couldnt think of anythign else that is worth mentioning.

    All hardware is up-to-date with drivers.
  4. did you just upgrade something or change a setting?
    think really hard.
    what was the last software you installed, the last software you updated, the last driver you updated/installed the last hardware you installed..

    did the problems start after these?

    and make sure your pc is cool. try powering it with two power supplies. that's worked for me a few times.
  5. It's since i've put my new gcard and ram in :) i've crashed like 4 times in a week so it's not stupidly bad would be nice to resolve it though
  6. Probably Psu is starting to fail. How many amps are on the +12v rail?
  7. Dump the PSU, even if it isn't your problem it's probably junk. Get a good single rail PSU.

    Download Ultimate Boot CD and run memtest86. You will need to burn the ISO to CD with ISO Recorder v 2.

    Download RivaTuner v2.05. And check the GPU and CPU temps. It is important that you read the manual. It will make it easier to access the settings and you can damage your card if you make changes in the wrong area.
  8. Wow thanks for the help Zorg... im not a technical wiz though so i have no idea how to use Riva lol, the temp are all fine according to my bios, can you suggest any good value for money psu's??
  9. Those random hangs are alos a sign that the hard drive is failing. Notice any missing files? Hope you have your info backed up.
  10. I suggest check out the ram before getting PSU.


    Looking at the spec's, the voltage might need to be at 2.2 volts. If your bios is set for auto, it could be giving it only 1.8 volts. Also running memtest for at least 4 to 6 hours to make sure it is stable.
  11. I'll have a check of the bios my friend... i'll get back to you, i'll up it to 2.2v if it's only at 1.8:)
  12. I can't find where to change the voltage of the ram but i have looked in CPUZ (Which is prolly a no no but i did anyway) and it says my ram's running @ 400MHz at 5-5-5-16 1.8v
  13. I've changed the V to 2.1xx and the timings to 4-4-4-12... lets see how it goes
  14. bonse said:
    Wow thanks for the help Zorg... im not a technical wiz though so i have no idea how to use Riva lol, the temp are all fine according to my bios, can you suggest any good value for money psu's??
    There are at least 10 recent threads that i know about, because I have posted in them, that you could check. You don't even need to use the search function, just start at the top and work your way down. My preference is the... never mind read the threads, heres a link Power Supplies, PC Cases & Case Mods - CPU & Components - Tom's Hardware Forums
  15. Right, i'm having the odd bsod here and there but it may be down to my HDD's i'm running tests on them and here they are:

    Short Generic:
    -HDD1: Pass
    -HDD2: Pass
    Long Generic:
    -HDD1: Pass
    -HDD2: Fail
    Short Drive Self Test:
    -HDD1: Fail
    -HDD2: Fail
    Long Drive Self Test:
    -HDD1: *Still Running*
    -HDD2: Fail

    Am i in need for a 2x new hdds? lol and could this cause poor fps in CS even with a high fps config (i'm talking 30-70fps)
  16. I would still get rid of the PSU. Maybe you could pick up a meter and check the power at one of the molex connectors while under load. A junk PSU can damage HDDs. Two bad drives seems a little suspect.
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