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Audigy SE Multimedia Audio Controller

Last response: in Windows Vista
April 7, 2011 9:59:58 PM

I'm a persnickety user and have a run in with a driver issue. My parents' system had a sound card failure and i installed the new card last night, and i have the sound working without a problem. The issue however is I can not find a driver for the Multimedia Audio Controller, which shows an exclamation mark in device manager/system. I have installed 3 different drivers from creative's website, and actually the only reason i got the soundcard working was by right clicking the component in device manager and having Windows search for the driver and install it automatically. This does not work for the Multimedia Audio Controller however. What is the importance of the Multimedia Audio Controller, and since the sound is working should i just ignore this minor issue and let things be as they are? Additionally, the creative autoupdate feature does not recognize this older card, or find any subsequent drivers to install. I am running Windows Vista Ultimate 32bit, with all software up to date. Thanks for any of your help!
April 7, 2011 11:33:37 PM

After searching the internet I've found that the Audigy SE drivers aren't fully supported or intended for Vista, hence the auto-update not working and not being able to get the Multimedia Audio Controller to work. I thought i found a good deal on Newegg for this card but i guess i should have done more research, or ponied up for a better card. If anyone has any further suggestions let me know, otherwise mark this as unresolvable.