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This is... a very odd question, but I have tried (and searched) extensively for an old website (before Facebook, etc.) which essentially let users create very small 'fan pages' about pretty much anything... and then added small icons (links) for these fan pages to your homepage at the website.

I'm trying to remember what it was called (I presume it no longer operates). I seem to recall the word 'fan' being somewhere in the name of the site though...

Anyone have any recollection of this?
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  1. (taking a guess here)

    Then there is this list to go through:
  2. I love Toms! Yes - that's it. Google had originally taken me there when I was searching, but apparently they had changed the site so radically from 2-3 years ago I didn't recognize anything; it doesn't look very healthy hah.

    After you said it I went back and looked - I recognized some of the icons they use...

    I believe way back I had a personal website - and liked that they had standardized button icons which linked to "fan pages" of various nonsense - presaging of course, Facebook to some extent.

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