Please PLEASE help me before I go mad! Broken computer, reboot-loop

Ok, I'm <--> this close to throwing my PC out the window... I am so confused my head wont stop spinning...

Gigabyte DS43
WD 250gb disk
2gb corsair V ram

I was a idiot and pulled out a fan from the fancontroller while the computer was still running. The computer rebooted itself when I did this, but about 5 sec after the power is turned on it starts the boot all over again.

Picture this:
I turn the power on.
No fans connected to the motherboard start, but I can hear the harddrive, gfxcard and fans not connected to the motherboard.
5 sec later the computer reboots itself.
And so it continues, it keeps rebooting itself after 5 sec until i take out the powercoord in the back. The powerbutton does not let me turn the computer off, but it works fine when I turn it on.

Things I have tried:
Diffrent CPU
Diffrent PSU
Diffrent RAM
No GFX card
No harddrive
Diffrent powerbutton (yes i know, but it made sense when I did it)
I also tried with only a Motherboard, cpu/fan and ram, same problem

I have also tried the PSU, CPU and RAM in a diffrent PC they all worked...

But here comes the kicker... I took the motherboard out of the broken PC and put it in a new PC and got the same problem. Now your thinking like me: "Ok, the Motherboard is broken".

So I got a new one today, conected everything as it should be BUT I still have the same problem.

What on EARTH is wrong with my computer? What are the odds of getting a broken motherboard with the exact same problem ?

Im a IT tech myself, every day I work on HP and IBM computers, but this one has me puzzled...
Im thinking I need to give it over to someone, but that would make me feel like a complete failure... lol

Please help...
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  1. Was the "new" board from an RMA? Maybe they repacked the same board and sent it back? Just a thought....
  2. You could try to reset the bios (cmos), remove the battery, move the jumper to pins 2+3 for few seconds, move the jumper back to pins 1+2 and insert the battery.

    The fact that the mobo didn't work in different pc isn't really surprising, because of windows' chipset drivers and whatnot

    btw, can you get into bios before it reboots?
    just wondering if it something hardware or OS related. I once experienced rebootloop when some of the windows files were corrupted due to bad memory stick. I tested the memory with memtest86 and it found errors, RMAd the memory and it still kept rebooting, only after repair install of windows was it working properly...
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