Dead Striker Extreme?

I have had this system for about two months:

e6750 @ 2.66
Asus Striker Extreme
4GB Corsair 6400 @ 4-4-4-12 2t timing and 2.1V as per the specs
2 8800GTS's in SLI
2 Sata drives (no Raid)
X-Fi Extreme Gamer Fatility with the silly x-ram
full tower Antec case with lots of fans
dvd drive obviously
Seasonic S12 80+ 650W PSU with 52Amps on the 12V rails.

So, my mobo was acting funny from the start. Sometimes I would get the three beeps of ram death, and have to cold start which point it would read the ram at 5-5-5-18. So I would have to manually set it back to 4-4-4-12 and 2.1V in the BIOS.

This would happen randomly but not often.

I also noticed that the BIOS would not see many of the voltages under the hardware monitor section...they were just missing!

My temps were fine (30C idle and 51C load for the CPU and a bit cooler for the Mobo). Then this morning, I reset to boot from XP pro into Vista 64 and...Beeeep, beepbeep. Oh ****.

So the motherboard would only read 3Gigs of ram in the bios, one of the slots were dead, and CPU-Z in Vista 64 saw 4Gigs sometimes, and 3Gigs other times, and Slot 2 was empty (even though all the slots were in fact full of ram sticks).

I replaced the ram thinking it was the ram (I am an idiot) and found that it was indeed the motherboard. Damn.

I went to my local store and bought a new one, and will return the old one tomorrow, and am pleasantly surprised to see that all the voltages are back in the BIOS. I am running Prime95 and other software to make sure this mobo/system is stable...but damn what a headache!

I knew the Striker Extreme had it's issues (any 680sli chipset for that matter) but I was hoping and praying that it would not happen to me, especially since the first Striker Extreme was a replacement of a dead P5N32-SLI e...also the same chipset, also the dreaded three beeps, which upon replacing the ram lead to the even worse one looooong beep (dead mobo)...

Damnit ASUS and Nvidia get your acts together and hire some good programmers! Stop outsourcing if you are, and Start outsourcing if you are not! Geez you call me a part of your 'republic of gamers' but that should not include 'replubic of alienated consumers!'

Anyway I needed to Lament and wanted to know if any of you have similar stories with this chipset or mobo.

If you have the same chipset/mobo and no issues then the best of luck to you all and may you continue to not see any issues.

I thank you for your time and wish you all a good night.

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  1. You need to contact ASUS and get a RMA approval and ship that board back to them. Its about a two week process so get out a temporary board or use another system if you have one while you wait.

    ASUS is great in doing RMA's, I just got my ASUS P5VDC-MX board back for my media center PC and it works fine now.

    Heres a link to speed things up for you...

    Let us know how it goes.

    EDIT:It's late and I'm tired, I didn't read the part where you bought another one. Hopefully they won't check to match the serials. They usually don't.
  2. They won't wink wink
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