what is difference between these two

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  1. One has a better and quieter heatsink...and its factory over clocked :)
  2. which one do u mean?? im guesssing you are talking about iced q one
  3. is 30$ worth it ?? the heatsink and the clock?
  4. Both of these have DDR2. The guy is right in his comment in the review. GDDR3 is much better. You should look for a model with GDDR3.
  5. why dont u get the ATI 2600XT instead of "pro"
  6. i have to pay 30 more to get xt. i would support that money on psu
  7. 2600xt GDDR3 is worth it over that card, I personally wouldnt buy a 2600pro at all.

    Just my opinion.
  8. A high end VGA card will generate more heat than any other component of your PC. The heat sink that expels the heated vga air out the back, instead of recirculating it is a must.
  9. i dont play a lots of game so i dont care to buy good graphics card..
    and somebody tell me if 30$ worth nice heatsink and little higher clock???
  10. Yep it is.

    Its not just that its also quieter.
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