Is This The Right Place To Ask? CoD 4 Keycode

Hey guys, having another problem, i was playing CoD 4 And was a little too Laggy, (sorry for Random capslock)
so i decided to join next doors network because they let me use it when my internet was down. but when i did this i tried joining back and it said "Keycode in use. please try reconnecting later.", this is very confusing as i was just there, so i thought, because i didnt leave the server when i switched networks, ill try joining back, leaving then switching to verify that i left the server so my keycode wasnt connected to there server. but no luck, what can i do to stop this error message?
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  1. Is this a legit version of the game? Because if it isn't, we will not be able to help you since Tom's Hardware does not support piracy.
  2. Yeah, its the legit version :)
  3. Is it still not fixed? I might think you would have disconnected by that time.
  4. This is usually an issue with cracked versions with non genuine keys.
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