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Hi there,
I recently bought a Verbatim 500GB external hard drive, and I've noticed that everytime I turn my computer off (leaving the external drive on), then turn the computer back on, it goes through the POST test ok, but when handing over to Windows XP it hangs on a blank screen where I have to turn the external drive off and restart the computer. Strangly enough, if just restarting the computer, not turning it off, its fine with the external drive being on.

So basically, when turning the computer on, I have to make sure the external drive is off. Once the computer has made it to Windows only then can I turn the external drive on.

Any help please?


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  1. Did you ever find a solution to this problem - i have the same issue - thank you !
  2. This is almost certainly because in your BIOS, the boot order has been set to boot from USB before booting from the internal hard disk. This is necessary when you actually want to boot from USB-attached storage media.

    When, however, you have an external disk attached via USB that is not bootable, you would get the symptoms you describe: the machine hangs with a blank screen after the POST.

    So the solution is to either enter your BIOS en change the boot order to make sure the internal disk is booted before booting from USB is attempted, or to just make sure you only turn on your external disk after booting your OS has commenced.

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