Looking up your ISP, Username and Pw?

Hey everyone, i have 2 computers now, one which had the network installed a long time ago, and a new computer which i want to install the same network.. When i plug in the ethernet wire into the new computer, i cannot connect to the network, because i need my ISP information Username and PW

i know my isp is Cablevision-Optimum Online. however i forgot my username and password. I tried loggin into the www.optimum.net website, however their account's page site is down until July 6th :(.

how would i go about finding out my correct isp name, username and pw? Where would i have to go on my old computer in order to find this info? please help

Thanks alot
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  1. Internet properties, connections, if the PW was saved you can use a password tool to see the password, if not you'll need to phone the service provider. BTW the account page is working now so it should not be a problem to get the info
    filewise well keep searching I aint telling ya but to learn hacking you can use hackthissite and learn
  2. No, the problem is that the cable modem needs to be power cycled when switching between computers. Get a router.

  3. I dont know where to go for Internet Options and Connections, you have to be specific.. also the optimum website still down ;(
  4. In control panel, internet options nettools is good to use for this but there are other PW tools too. Well the site works for me I think grumpy is right if you are not able to get the page up
  5. Cable Internet service does not require a Username & Password.

  6. I was thinking he had a dsl modem that required a user name and pw
  7. same thing with me! i cant find isp username, thats all i need.... can yall tell me all the isps??? like is telecom one?? i have connection on this pc but when i plug another pc in from different plug thinggy, ill have to go setup new connection, it says i have to put in username (that isp gave me) and password (that isp gave me) soo how the heck do i find username!?!?! i have dsl modem i think
  8. Call your Internet Service Provider (ISP).
  9. im trying to connect laptop! i need to go on setup connection???
  10. Quote:
    im trying to connect laptop! i need to go on setup connection???

    Please don't hijack threads.

    Trying to connect a laptop to what? Your post makes no sense.
  11. I need proceedure to seek my At&T ISP username and password.
  12. Call AT&T.
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