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Hi all

I'd like to have some advice on what software is there (preferably free if possible but still give suggestions if no free software is available), on presenting slideshows.

The slideshow I want to present is simply some photos and videos, perhaps some text as well (presenting a company's folio at an expo, really). I prefer software that plays the files in realtime and not one that I make and it makes a video file.

I can do this easily in PowerPoint, however I'd like to have a live clock at the bottom of the screen as well as some scrolling text that runs across the screen (so cannot use powerpoint as it will stop the text as it goes from slide to slide).

So in the end, I'm looking for a software that does a job similar to those Airshow that you see on the screen aboard commercial flights.

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  1. Make a Flash video, pretty simple for what you want to do. You can have timings in it, scrolling text, etc...
  2. What software do you recommend for doing this?
  3. edmond419 said:
    What software do you recommend for doing this?

    Although there are other products you can use

    I've only used the official Flash program and even that when it was part of Macromedia not Adobe.
  4. Hi, You can use Windows Movie Maker

    Also you can find one slideshow app in this website
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