How to free a com port if it is using by another application

hello, i am making a project for serial port communication in vc++ for win32 application.i have sucessfully opened the port. my task is that i have to read data from another the problem that is arising is when we run that application for reading purpose, then it capture the com port and that time when i run my code it shows invalid com port.
plz help me out as soom as possible.
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  1. Hello: Perhaps some hint for you here

    How to free com ports:

    in WinXp too but i solved this by going through this steps

    My computer->properties->Device Manager->Communication Ports->Properties->Port Settings->Advanced.

    Here i found the list of com ports which were in use and selected the unused one my problem was solved.


    Application using com port

    Process Explorer v11.33

    By Mark Russinovich

    port is free:

    port not free, under Windows XP

    Free Serial Port Monitor

    Release a used port by the application

    Free Up a Serial (COM) Port

  2. thanks for the reply..when i use serial port monitor the data is coming only on com3. as u said i have tried that also,this solves the problem but data is not coming at that port. so i have set my code to com3 bt same problem as described earlier is what to do..??
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