All media players keep freezing!

All media players freeze for about five seconds when i play a video and don't respond for that amount of time and then go back to playing the video. But then, a minute or two later it does the same thing! Sometimes it doesn't Respond for so long my entire computer freezes and i am forced to hold the power button down to shut it off. after that when i boot up it says DISK BOOT DRIVE ERROR PLEASE INSERT SYSTEM DISK AND PRESS ENTER. So i Put the system repair disk in, do a start up repair, and it says it found no problem. So then i give up and just turn my computer off for ten to 30 minutes and for some reason windows 7 starts up. This particular thing happens with spotify a lot too. When i play a song it keeps repeating the past 1 second of the song over and over and the windows freezes and know what happens after that. One person suggested that something was wrong with my computers memory, and told me to do a memory check with memtest86. memtest passed my memory 3 times with zero errors! so then just to be sure i switched my memory sticks and did the test again and the same thing happened...I passed 3 times with 0 errors. Any help is much appreciated! :cry:
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    Sounds like your hard drive is failing. I'd try using chkdsk.

    Open the "Computer" window
    Right-click on the drive in question
    Select the "Tools" tab
    In the Error-checking area, click <Check Now>.
  2. well, the test wasn't successful for the fact the when it got to verifying the file data, it got stuck and i had to reboot. Any ideas?
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  4. I'm sorry I didn't reply earlier as I had nothing to say. Still, I'd contact hard drive warranty if it still applies.
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