Thoughts/Advice on external/NAS storage products

Hi, I'm seeking any advice/thoughts on the followings products.

I have a ThinkPad (Windows Vista) that I am looking to backup, along with the contents of a 250GB drive I am looking to transfer over. I would like a dual drive NAS device so I can use RAID and connect via ethernet (to router or system directly)

Any thoughts, recommendations, feedback on these?

- LaCie LaCie 2big Network 2TB 301259U (2 x 1TB drives)
- D-Link 2-Bay Network Storage Enclosure DNS-323 (Adding 2 x 1TB drives)
- Linksys 2-Bay Network Storage Enclosure NAS200 (Adding 2 x 1TB drives)
- NETGEAR Storage Central Turbo SC101T (Adding 2 x 1TB drives)

Thanks for your advice!
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  1. Anybody - any experience with these??

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