Windows Gadgets not Loading/Working

For a few months now Ive been unable to get my Windows Gadgets working
It all started when I one day powered up my PC and found that Gadgets hadnt loaded properly (they were only lines and boxes and vague colors)
I tried removing the gadgets and putting them back again, it didnt work
I tried putting gadgets I hadnt used before, they didnt work
I downloaded new gadgets and installed then and then put them on the desktop, same problem (lines, boxes and color)
Ive looked up on forums and FAQs but cant seem to find anything
Ive tried all FOUR UAC setting and had no luck, its always the same darn problem
I use Gadgets a lot for CPU/Core Load, Temperature, Time, Weather, Date, etc etc

Any help would be much appreciated
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  1. I think I read somewhere that they were a security concern and that's why they haven't been included in Windows 8. Perhaps they have been disabled / broken in an update? I have no idea.

    I'd try uninstalling them, cleaning up the registry like CCleaner, then reinstall.
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