Best 2.1 Speakers to be hung in a corner?

Right now, I have the Klipsch Promedia 5.1 Ultra's. They are making a hissing noise in the background (gets really irritating) and I have decided to replace them with a 2.1 setup. I want to be able to hang the speakers on the wall beside my LCD (prefearably flush with the screen). I'm assuming I'm going to need low profile speakers?.. Sub will sit on the floor in the corner..

Any thoughts or ideas?
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  1. Take a look at this

    I have the same speakers and I think your control module might be bad. You can buy a new one on the Klipsch site or if you really want to go with a 2.1 system the have refurbished Klipsch 2.1's for $90. I had the 2.1 before I bought the 5.1 Ultra and the sub is smaller but it still sounds great.
  2. I do already have the wall brackets but I just see no use for a 5.1 system as I don't play games anymore.

    I too had the 2.1 system before but I didn't like the controls on the satellite.

    Any idea if the Altec Lansing PT6021 is a worthy competitor?
  3. This is a nice 2.1 system or you could get something like this Klipsch system which has a seperate controller. These I have never listened to but get really good reviews and as far as the PT6021 they get good reviews but I don't see how you can get good full spectrum sound from such small satellites.

    Go to your local retailer and listen to a few models and see which you like te best as audio is a very subjective thing then go home and order them online.
  4. I have the klipsch Promedia 2.1 and I really enjoy that sound + it's thx certified.
  5. I did have the Klipsch Promedia 2.1's but I upgraded to the 5.1 Ultra's. Don't really want to order a new control module as it might not fix the problem.

    I'm still leaning towards the PT6021. The FX5021 would have been a great candidate but they don't come in black?
    I guess I'm leaning more towards style (well something that matches my black LCD). Only problem is I don't know of any local stores that carry the PT6021..

    Any other suggestions are appreciated.
  6. I own xyz's and ABC's. The xyz's are stuffy and the ABC's are very velvet milk chocolate sounding.

    We are talking audio, correct?

    Seriously, audio is difficult to suggest. The sound quality of any model is very dependant upon ambient issues.

    Over the years I have spent more money on home speakers than most people spend on cars. Ok, not that bad, but it is close. What sounds great in a speaker room seldom translates into a good sounding speaker at home. And the reverse is true as well.

    You gotta try the speakers at home. Find somebody with a generous return policy and try every speaker they offer.
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