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I have aquired a quad xeon, an x3210. Running a C2D6420 now.
My question is, on my Intel Boxed board, DG965WHMKR, will the Xeon run? and how does it compare to a normal desktop quad core in performance?
I am really unclear what the real difference is on a desktop application between the chips.
I could use either cpu in another system, or get a new board. I just want the best overall day to day performance for Video Editing, basic gaming ( playing with NWN2) and similar tasks. not wanting to spend a lot of money, but will buy a diff board and chip if I have to. I turn enough systems in month to justify moving on If I need to.. but I am not going to buy a 300+ board or cpu..
using an Nvidia 8600 based video card..
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  1. As I recall, all server cpus require registered memory. I just checked on barcelona, and it's the same. I would check "cpu support" for your board at Intel's website to be sure.
  2. Can I assume that no one really knows how much different the quad xeon will perform compared to the desktop model?
    or If it will run on the board?
  3. The Xeon will definitely give you better performance in video editing with its 4 cores and cache and its what they are designed to do (or similar processor hungray calcs). Gaming performance wise, OCing the E6420 would give you better performance, however, gaming strongly GPU limited at the moment. When games start comming out that utilise 3,4 or more cores the Xeon will be better in that regard also.

    If you dont want to use it give it to me ill pay for shipping to AUS
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