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Hey, im new to YouTube and Video Rendering and im looking to find some advice how to upload and render 720p videos or better with a small file size.

At the moment ive uploaded 4 videos, each were about 4 minutes long and about 10GB in size, the problem with this is they take an age to upload to YouTube.

Ive also noticed that 720p Full Movie torrents which are a few hours long are only a few GBs in size, how is this achieved and could I also do tis for my videos?

I have After Effects and Sony Vegas and my videos are shot in 1680 x 1050 resolution

Im hoping to do a gameplay commentry and it will be about 20 minutes long and at the moment its look it will be a 30gb video... :(

Thank you for your time, Jack
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  1. The movies are compressed, if you have 16 minutes of video in 10gb size, that is not compressed by anything. The post above will help.
  2. Thank you for the feed back guys, really helped
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