Nvidia 8800 Ultra KO, and getting Snow (like a TV)

This card has worked fine for the last month, i reinstalled Vista and now its giving snow when i install a game or randomly when i watch a video.
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  1. Im seriously wondering why so much of this gtx/ultra stuff is coming up lately...

    I suggest to reinstall vista AGAIN and go to w/e the newest WHQL drivers are. Your resolution would be 1366x768 or abouts, right?

    I cant even begin to imagine how much your CPU must bottleneck your cards lol.

    Waiting for phenom?
  2. I suggest uninstalling Vista and installing Windows XP with Service Pack 2. You don't have to do that but Vista is crap until they release the SP for it. Well I would say reinstall Graphics drivers and make sure your specs keep up with your card.
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