Antec 900 under $100!!

All of those holding out on a quality, but affordable case, now's your time to get it. Don't know how long this promo is for, but here it is for $95 shipped!!!

Use promo code at checkout! promo code: emc1009case02
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  1. im using this case atm and i love it. looks the mutts nuts too :D
  2. I think this is the cheapest that I've seen it at, not that I've been looking at it all that long, but still a good price!
  3. The temptation is difficult to resist...

    (but I'm a married man and I know what's in my best interests)
  4. And that is with Free Shipping. Cases tend to be costly in the shipping dept. That is a steal.
  5. I love this case.
    I got mine from when they had it on sale, 78$ delivered no rebate.

  6. Paid $130 for it but I have a $30MIR for it so not bad. Great case.
  7. This one has no MIR and is under $100!! Can't be all that bad, can it?
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