New card to change all 8 Series prices?

Is the new Nvidia card coming out on the 29th (?) likely to change the price of cards that aren't even of the same performance.

On the 24th i was going to order a new PC with a NVidia GeForce 8800GTX PCI-E 768MB in it and i was wondering if it was worth waiting the extra few days, Psychic people's forecasts welcome :P
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  1. Honestly, I have no clue. If you would like me to use my psychic abilities, I can give you a guess. I presume that the prices will change on the cards lower than the 8800gt. I don't think that it will change the GTX prices. I have heard something about ATI coming out with new cards mid-november. These might change the price of the GTX though.

    Idk. =\
  2. <shrug>
  3. Yeh *shrug* i was gunna buy a GTX as early as last week but i have moved onto waiting and see what happens which can be a dangerous road.

    All info points to 8800GT out late this month that will sit below GTX (most likely wont change prices on the GTX). Then the RV670 from ATi is supposed to hit before end of year which is supposedly a high end part which could make NVIDIA drop pricing on GTX depending on how well it performs. Then NVIDIA seems to be aiming for a highend part early next year. However, there have been rumours of them converting the GTX onto the G92 part which should increase performance as well.

    In the end no-one will know until they are out.
  4. Uhmm, I did see the 1st GTX under $500cnd for the 1st time on TigerDirect canada ($499), it was a bfg gtx oc.

    Not a big diff but I would at least wait a couple of weeks, just in case.

    I usually just look\wait for a good sale and ignore rumors, but if you can wait for a couple of weeks then, why not.

    Hey, dont look at it from a wait for rumors. Don't you guys have like a Black Friday somethings sale in the US? Wait for that ;-)

    I bought a GTX a month ago, so there you go, I hate waiting.
  5. Yes we have BF sales, but who knows what will be in them. Newegg usually has some BF sales, but we'll have to see. If I'm buying a 8800gtx soon, than I would get the best deal that you can get. If I'm not buying for a few weeks, than I would just wait a bit and see what the 8800gt's have to offer. I know that if I could spend $250-300 on something that runs cooler and does 90% of a GTX at $500-$550 than I'd go with the 8800gt, but that is just me. I don't have an extra $250 floating around looking to be burned on the difference.
  6. I just ordered myself an 8800GTX OverClocked for $470 after MIR, since thats the best price I've seen in the year since its been out, I snagged it (and did I mention it's factory OC'ed!)
  7. Also the new I suppose slightly revamped 8800GTS is coming out soon. Maybe this will shorten the gap between the GTS and the GTX maybe dropping its price....... ... ... ... Hopefully.
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