11809 in 3DMark05 is that good?

In 3DMark05 I recieved a score of 11809. I am running Windows Vista 64-bit Business.

Q6600 (not overclocked)
8800gts 640mb
500gb SATA hd
Gigabyte P35 Mobo

Does that sound like its about right?
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  1. my guess is that 11800 3dmarks in 05 is about 7000-8000 in 06. i get about 1500 3dmarks in 06 so dont complain.
  2. Can you run 06?
  3. I get 11,200 in 3dMark06 with a Q6600 at 3 GHz with an XFX 8800GTS-640 running XP professional 32 bit. I did not overclock the video card.
  4. My 06 scores are about 9000 with an overclocked 8800GTS 320MB and an Athlon X2 @ 2.2GHz... 05 I was able to scrape out around 13,000 (granted, that's an 8800GTS running way over stock speeds).

    That being said, though, run 06 to see a good comparison. With having a Q6600, your CPU score should push the whole thing past 9,000 at stock.
  5. i get 10110 with e6600 and gtx both on stock clocks. so 1000 points boost from quad core it seems right.
  6. cool thanks for the informatino guys. I will try 06
  7. On 3dmark '06 I got 9707

    Core 2 Quad Q6600
    BFG 8800 GTS 320MB

    All at stock (no OC)
    640MB will probably hover near (probably above)
  8. People stress too much about 3d marks - as long as your games run fine, who cares? The only time it's worth running is when you're finding your maximum overclock to see how much of a boost you get.
  9. 11010 in 06, e6420 @3.0ghz sapphire hd2900pro @ xt speeds
  10. thats good for a 800gts and average for gtx

    water cooled 8800 ultra is 13k
  11. I ran 3DMark05 on my Q6600/8800GTX and got the following results (looking at the results XML file):

    Vista Home Premium 32bit:
    CPU - 20072 ----- 3D - 17677

    XP Pro SP3:
    CPU - 12776 ----- 3D - 18012

    Why is the CPU score so much worse with XP...?!

  12. Dud I havd a Q6600 3GHz and a HD2900Pro 1GB and I get near 18k in 3DMark05. So yea....your socres are a little low for 05.

    If that was 06 and you made a mistake then yea thats not bad.
  13. My Q6600 is also at 3GHz, and the 18k score was in 05, for 06 I get 13k.

    What I was puzzled about is why the CPU score was much lower in XP than Vista..!?

    Does Vista use the 4 cores better than XP..?
  14. It may. I get almost 13K with my setup and my scores are in Vista as well. Then again there have been numerous performance improvements in Vista and some games, with ATIs 8.3 and up, were showing improvements of about 20% FPS in Crysis under DX10 for Vista only and the 8.3 also increased the performance in Vista for 3DMark06 but for some reason messed up performance in XP.

    Maybe its the same for Nvidia. Vista is not that bad a OS and the performance is there. It just needs to be tapped by the drivers and programs.
  15. Had some problems with 3dmark05 on Vista64, but worked it out.

    I got 17,166:

    Q6600 - 2.880ghz
    8800GTS - G92 512mb

    I remember I got 11,500+ on 2006 (edit: but that was when I was on my XP with the quad and 8800 G80 320mb)

    I also ran that.. Vantage one. Heh, can't remember what I got on it, but it was rough on my Q6600/8800GTS.
  16. With regards to Vista x64, do you have to get apps that are built for it, or is there a 32-bit compatibility layer..? I thought games, for example, are only build for x86...
  17. Umm.. The only thing that you would need, is 64bit drivers for hardware.

    Other then that, you can run 32bit apps. Just like XP runs compatibility mode for Win9x, you have options to run it XP SP2/2000/WinME. The problem I was having was with windows themes (eye candy). Windows Explorer kept crashing, so I turned that off, and ran it XP SP2 mode, and it works fine.
  18. I got 9246 3D Marks on 05 with my system see sig. Video Card oc'd to 560 core 800 mem from 450core 660 mem. 450 fsb 1:1 ratio. You get get way more if you oc'd your machine a little, but i'm sure you can play games way better so whats it really matter? My card is old, slow, and outdated and my score isn't much less. 3D Mark is for comparison between systems, not gaming performance. IMO
  19. I get 13,500 in 3dMark06 with my q6600 at 3.6Ghz and my vid card OC'ed
  20. I get 13,277 in 3dMark06 with my Q6600 at 3GHz with a factory-set 8800GTX (XP Pro SP3)
  21. ponx said:
    I ran 3DMark05 on my Q6600/8800GTX and got the following results (looking at the results XML file):

    Vista Home Premium 32bit:
    CPU - 20072 ----- 3D - 17677

    XP Pro SP3:
    CPU - 12776 ----- 3D - 18012

    Why is the CPU score so much worse with XP...?!


    From my understanding, this is due to the fact that Vista is more compatable with Mult-core processors than XP. So that Q6600 is getting used a lot more efficiently in Vista than XP.

    Probably: XP = 2 cores used, Vista = 4 cores used?

    I haven't tried 3dMark06 since I installed Vista 64bit. I should try that tonight to see how I score since I've got same CPU and similar GPU.
  22. From Futuremark:

    3DMark05 is not Windows Vista enabled and should only be used on 32 bit Windows XP systems with the latest updates.

    I think the same applies to 3DMark06 as it fully supports DX9.0c and was written for XP.

    The OP has an 8800gts with DX10 and is running Vista. The new Futuremark version for Vista is 3DMark Vantage.

    Comparing results across a bunch of different hardware with various versions of 'Futuremarks' is interesting but I wouldn't draw too many conclusions ...
  23. Ummm... from Wiki:

    "In order to achieve backwards compatibility, DirectX in Windows Vista contains several versions of Direct3D"

    I mean, its a newer OS, but you should be able to play older games, so I don't see why you couldn't run any of the older 3dmark demos.
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