P5B-Deluxe and Ballistix PC2-8500 problem

I just bought a pair of BL2KIT12864AA1065 and they will work in any mode except the fastest two. These work fine: 1:1 (533 MHz), 4:5 (667 MHz), and 2:3 (800 MHz). If I boot them in in 3:5 (889 MHz) or 1:2 (1,066 MHz) windows will not start.

If I boot into Memtest86+ V1.70, they give TONS of errors in the faster two modes, but are just fine in the lower 3 modes... I've tried manually setting the timings/voltage and also letting the board do it with no luck either case. I'm using 5-5-5-15-4-30-10-10-10-11 @ 2.25 v initially.

I have a P5B-Deluxe running BIOS 1215. Anyone else out there have this board with these sticks? I'm thinking since I get errors at the higher modes, it's my board, not the memory.

Opinions are welcome.

Additional info: q6600, x1950 pro 512 meg. I normally run the system @ 9x333 @ 1.2625vcore with my old memory (DDR2-800 ballistix @ 1:1 with these timings: 4-4-4-12-4-20-10-10-10-11)
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  1. If you can set it, try tRC 23, 24 & 26. Also, try TRFC 105 & 127.5.
  2. Thanks for the info. Turns out I had to jack the NBVcore up 2 notches and the ICH up to it's highest setting to run error-free @ PC7100 (1,111 MHz). Not worth it to me when I can run my older Ballistix (DDR2-800) @ PC4300 (667 MHz) @ 3-3-3-6 :p
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