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Hope this is the right place to ask...

Having recently switched to a broadband provider, we purchased a cable modem and wireless router, so that A desktop PC could be plugged directly into it, but the other (multiple) wireless devices in the household could use the wireless features, without the need to purchase multiple modems.

Since hooking these things up (which was not without problems), the basic internet access functions appear to work fine. However, attempts to download files (mostly off OCRemix, but other sites exhibited the same issues), stream music (mostly off rainwave) run other streaming content (games such as Runescape), or access an email account (Gmail) have all started to just 'stop' in the middle and hang, often never bothering to finish there task. (In the case of the game, constant disconnects and reconnects occured). Gmail's loading bar stops partway and a minute later says the page loading is done, even though the bar has not progressed and the email folder never loaded. Downloads often just hang until I manually cancel (they do sometimes (rarely) resume if left alone for upwards of 20-30 minutes (which is not normal, or acceptable for a 6 meg file), and the streaming content (youtube videos, and the OCR Radio off Rainwave) refuses to buffer after loading approximately 5-15 seconds of material, and simply cannot play, or will not move to next song...

These problems are driving me insane, and I cannot manage to fix them myself.

We are using Firefox (most recent version) for a web browser, Windows XP (Service pack 2), a Scientific Atlanta Cable modem, a D-link "Wireless N750 Dual Band Router" (Label also reads DIR-835, not sure where that fits in). ISP provider is Comcast, though I doubt that applies.

Desktop computer exhibiting the problems is connected physically to the router, which connects to the modem, all other devices are connecting wirelessly to the router. No other devices in the household have reported problems (yet), but I don't think the owners have attempted to push or do any of the above mentioned tasks yet, just simple web browsing, which (even when a download hangs) continues to function fine, on any site. Problems exhibit even when only a single device is connected and using the signal.

Please please PLEASE, provide any assistance possible.

Thanks in advance.
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  1. Check all these things connected directly to the modem, bypass the router. Does the computer have the same issues? Try it over a few days, not just once.

    If the same issues are happening, have charter check their equipment. If the issue does not happen, see if there is a firmware update for the dlink router. If not, you may want to try a different router and return this one.
  2. Attempting to plug the ethernet cable from my computer directly into the modem says 'Your connection only has limited access' and I can't load any websites. How do I fix this to test that connection, and what will I need to do to change it back? (Since eventually, it will have to go back to the router)

    I would prefer to not change routers, since we had a nightmare trying to set up the first one we had (a Linksys), which just flatly refused to work, and this was challenging enough. (Plus, with the box opened, we may not be able to return for anything but another of the same kind, which wouldn't be much use.) Hopefully, a way can be found to use the existing one in some fashion.

    Edit: Don't know how much use this is, but...
    Just managed to get a Wii in the same house to connect to and (consistently) load and stream Youtube videos, using the existing connection to the wireless router. Despite this, my computer still refuses to, which leads me (thankfully) to hope that it is a computer/internet/setup issue. Hopefully this tidbit of (admittedly odd) information helps find a resolution.
  3. Reboot the computer and try again, it needs to pick up a new IP and DNS info from the modem.

    When you logon to the admin page for the router, it should have an "update" option in there, run that and see if it picks up anything.
  4. No joy. Shutting the computer down, unplugging the respective ethernet cables, and replugging them so the computer connects directly to the modem, without connecting to the router, then booting, gives the same error. "Limited or No Connectivity".

    As for the admin page of the router, how do I get to that? And wouldn't it be up to date from the beginning? (Slightly more then 1 week old)
  5. Just because you bought it now does not mean it was shipped recently. Could have been in stock for a year. Admin page is usually the address.

    If you can't connect online directly through the modem, contact the ISP, they may need to "bounce" the modem for you, or they can check your IP settings to make sure they are correct.
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