Creating a Bootable USB Hard Drive

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I'm looking at this guide here:

It tells you how to create a bootable USB hard drive with Acronis programs installed on it and a restorable image of your drive. Just to make it clear before I go ahead and buy the parts I need, once the process listed in that guide is complete and I then create the backup of my C drive to my external hard drive, all I have to do then is stick it in a computer and it would automatically go to the True Image loader and I could overrite the C drive with my image? It's that simple? So I could literally go out and buy a new Vista PC, stick that in and in 5 minutes have a complete replica of my current PC?
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  1. No, it is likely there will be major driver issues. I used acronis and even restore on the same computer gives me driver issues which require me to do a driver reinstallation.
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