8800 needs the fastest CPU?

this is in regards to this article. it says that in order to get the most out of the 8800gtx card, you need a fast cpu that can deal with the nvidia driver, but looking at the charts, the performance difference between the faster and slower cpus is hardly noticeable!

assuming that they use the AMD cpu as the slower system, the fps difference in doom 3 at full settings is only a few pfs. at the insane res of 2560x1600, its only 0.1, and at 2048x1536, the amd system is actually faster by about 10pfs. now on the more reasonable resolution of 1600x1200, the intel beats it by about 20fps, but the fps is already over a 100, so who would even notice this difference?
going onto FEAR, the differences are pretty much the same. on the "normal" res of 1600x1200, the difference is only a few fps, and as it gets higher the difference is basically non-existant.
and in Oblivion, the AMD system is actually faster.

so how can the author of this article claim that you need a fast CPU to get the most kick out of your 8800GTX? if you are playing on 1024x768 the difference is the biggest, but who plays on that res anyway, and you are already over 100 fps you'll never notice the difference. and if you go to higher resolution where the difference IS noticeable, the AMD system is about the same as the intel, if not better.

am i missing something in this article or does it just not make sense from a reasonable gamer's point of view?
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  1. Nope, all your conclusions are correct.

    BUT, most people getting new computers look to get better gear, as they may be moving from old AGP systems.

    Also, MOST people on this site use their computers for video, such as decoding / encoding 2 movies at the same time with Shrink. So it isn't always about gaming, or using Excel, for that matter.

    Some people do some pretty high-end stuff with their comps with AutoCAD, so a new computer, or getting a Quad, has alot of merit. All this stuff moves forward, albeit at different rates for different uses.

    I, for one, can scrape by with my 165 Opteron DC OC'd at 2.25Ghz and an 8800GTS 640 for quite a while, and plan on upgrading when Octals and PCI-E 2.0 cards are out that can do DX10.1 or 11 well.
  2. I wouldn't say thats entirely true. I'd say I depends on more than just the cpu. the nvidia 8X00 series of cards requires more power if anything, (I know I own one). Performance wise, any dual core cpu should match up well with the 8X00 cards. And yes, it's more than likely that the newest drivers for the cards are used in comparisons. I have an 8800 GTS 320MB, and an E4400, so obviously you don't need "the fastest CPU". from a gamers point of view more power and more speed makes sense, but if you can play Bioshock at max setting with a setup like mine, then I wouldn't worry about how fast the cpu is.
  3. thanks for your reply. i want to upgrade my GPU from a 7800gtx to an 8800gtx, and seeing this article with the title "you need a fast CPU" gave me a scare, because i have an amd 64 X2 3800+, and i don't want to dish out another 500 bucks to upgrade that as well.
  4. So, a 8800GTS should work fine with my 3700+ processor until I get around to upgrading the rest of my system sometime next year? I have been trying to decide on whether I upgrade my video card first to increase my systems gaming potential until June or July when I replace the main system.
  5. IMO, the most important factor for gaming IS GPU indeed, that thing is used to render graphics but a fast CPU can boosts the graphic rendering capability of a GPU.

    Note that :
    1. A 8800GTS with Pentium IV 3.2 Ghz scores 4000ish in 3DMark06 is called the CPU bottlenecking the GPU.
    2. A 8800GTS with E6320 scores 8000ish in 3DMark06 is called normal benchmark.
    3. A 8800GTS with Q6600 scores 11000ish in 3DMark06 is called the GPU being push forward by Q6600.

    Therefore, a 8X00s card need fastest CPU to max out it capability and performance. Although frankly speaking, in some game fps benchmark that already exceed a 100 fps you won't notice the different in just a few fps increased but think again for a couple coming months when game titles come out with more eyecandy graphic setting, you'll just notice a more and more difference fps from slower CPU compare to faster CPU with the same GPU card. And also that's why everyone compete to overclocks their CPU higher and higher to get a fps increased. Hope this help :).
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