I have had my computer build since may and everything has ran perfectly. Like an idiot today I decided I wanted to lower my memory timings from 333mghz 5-5-5-15 to 3-2-2-4. yeah I knwo its funny. My memory is 2gb ddr2 pny 8500. The system beeps 3 times while trying to start up and it will not post. I figured If I take out the stupid battery the cmos will reset and it will take me back to stock w/e. I have taken it out multiple times. I tried taking out the jumper thing but it has failed too(no clue if i was supposed to or not). My pc will not post and my stupid bitch of a sister gives me like 5 minutes on the pc to barely even make this post. My motherboard is intel badaxe 2. I didnt change any memory voltage settings. I figured no voltage settings= memory lives no matter what i try to push it to. So I need all the help I can get asap all of it is very greatly appreciated.
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  1. ASAP? Emergency? What's the emergency if I might ask?
  2. I want to know if my comp will work by changing something or if the ram is just fried so i can hurry up and rma and get my comp going asap!
  3. Find out how you can properly reset your CMOS read the manual/ look it up on your mobo website. FIRST and formost UNPLUG the cord when resetting, no matter how its done. On to resetting, some mobo require you to insert a jumper across two specific pins, some mobo's have a jumper on the cmos pins already but require you to move them over to the other two pins (3 pins total). Both times make sure your in the resetting position for about 5-10 seconds, then remove it or put it back to the way it was depending on how your mobo resets. You should from this point be able to at least enter your bios and edit your timings.

    P.S. only way you can 'fry' your mem is by overvolting, overclocking to much will just give you boot problems like you have now
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