How to make sure that nothing bottlenecks my video card

Hi there,

I think the thread title covers it all. I recently bought an ASUS NV8800Gtx video card and I would like to know if everything is okay with it. I need you expertise :hello:

My configuration is:

Asus P5KC motherboard
Core 2 Duo E6750 CPU (running on 3.1 Ghz)
2x1 Gig Geil Value 800 RAMs
FSP Bluestorm 400W Power supply
and the above mentioned videocard.

Platform: Windows XP Service pack 2

So my problem is: after having paid a lot of money for this config I would like to know why am I getting lower framerates on particular benchmarks and games than those with almost the same rig.

3Dmark06: 11400 points

As I heard that is more or less okay, but when it comes to gaming I'm quite disillusioned. There are a couple of test on youtube, especially the ones by seahawk which show me that sg is not quite right here.

I compared a lot of games benchmark results with his rig and in every case I got fewer points. I'm not trying to compete with anyone but having paid a lot of cash for the gtx I would really love to know what is "holding it back"

Please help me, any comments on any part of my configuration is welcome.
Many thanks in advance
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  1. 400 watt psu is underpowering the card, and endangering your whole system, plus there may be other causes, but a 400 watt psu is too weak
  2. hm.....I see. Others told me that the Bluestorm is very reliable and 400 will be enough........such a shame. Thank you for your comment. Any other ideas anyone?
  3. Other than the PSU, the rest of your system looks pretty solid. While technically overclocking your CPU would improve performance, it's very unlikely there would be any difference when playing at high resolutions and high qualities.
  4. Yes you may, I wanted to make sure I get answers for my questions. But if it is against the rules here, then I will delete the other one, if I can.
  5. Naah no rule, its just a bit annoying speding a while replying, just to find that the very next post is the exact same thing.

    any who, hope youv got some answers for your query :)
  6. Your Video Card can use 165watts alone.
    Your CPU may be using 100 watts (Since it's OC'd - High Guesstimate)
    Mobo - 30watts
    Memory - 20watts
    HDD - 15watts
    330 Watts
    Toss in Cooling fans, CD, and other devices and you are closing in to 400 watts and perhaps you could get an AMPs issue as well.

    So, you PSU is definitely coming close to max.
  7. Looks like I did not pay enough attention when browsing on this site.......
    So it looks like I have to buy another PSU.......... How about the mother board, is there nothing lurking in the dark against the P5KC? :)
  8. MOBO is good. PSU like they have said, very poor. Reliable maybe. Sometimes the system uses a lot of power and can max out or exceed your PSU's abilities to hang(wattage or amperage). At idle and with light applications it might work fine, but even if you don't get a new one and keep it - being happy with the low scores... one day you'll be doing a virus scan or playing Quake Wars and poof. You can lose your MOBO and/or CPU "!" ASUS is very good at protecting you though. Does your PSU smell funny after a benchmark? I just fried a 400w PSU with less of a sys. curious-
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