Question about this 8500GT in context - good deal?

This 8500GT: overclocked nicely (to >8600GT speeds), and has GDDR3. For only $80, it appears to compare to stock 8600GTs. I cannot find anything quite like it on the VGA charts. Where would it fit in, and would it be a reasonable buy for general use and lightweight gaming?

My cousin has a Dull with an 8300something in it. I'm giving him an additional PC, that needs a graphics card. It will be used for general purposes and very light gaming. I want the PC I'm giving him to be at least as good as what he has, which is easy; but anything more I can do would be nice, but I'm trying to be cheap (hey, he's already getting a PC!).

What would you suggest? Is this card reasonable in this context? Thanks.
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  1. For about $20-30 more you could get a 8600GT and overclock it to GTS speeds.

    I personally wouldn't for anything lower than an 8600GT as far as DX10 goes, since then you might as well buy a 7600GT for a comparable price and better performance.
  2. For $18 more AR you could have a HD 2600XT with similar quiet cooler, plus the valve HL2 Black Box also.
  3. Factory OC'ed 7900GS for $99:

    Foxconn FV-N79SM2D2-OC GeForce 7900GS 256MB 256-bit GDDR3 PCI Express x16 SLI Supported Video Card - Retail

    Best deal out there in my opinion, especially because the 7900GS is an amazing overclocker, can probably go even further (Not to say that the 560/700 over the stock 450/660 is too shabby).
  4. Hmmm, I'll look closer at all of these. I'm favoring the nVidia a little because the drivers (including any anomalies) will match what he has already. This is an additional PC, not a replacement. His sons will share them, hence one shouldn't utterly destroy the other (that may be hard, up against a mere 8300). I don't know what sort of PSU he already has; the new one can handle a 7900GS (or better). Still, that 2600XT with the free game looks awfully nice. Maybe I'll give him this PC, and an additional video card for the other one. That's a thought...
  5. 8600gt has a better make of gpu.... 8500gt sucks overall all, i had one and got it too 642mhz core and 987mhz memory.... still sucked.... so i got a x1950pro.... at least 3 times faster for less than twice the price..
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