Transcend 2.5 IDE 32GB SDD RUBISH.

i installed TRANSCEND 2.5" IDE 32GB SSD SOLID STATE HARD DRIVE in my tc4200 laptop and its useless. it took 2 days for it to write all the stuff on it. I'll say computer opens the windows explorer ( To view the drives) very fast, But thats it. Its so slow that the computer stops what is is doing i am going to have to remove it the stupid SSD. I can move the mouse pointer around but thats it. I cant do anything else while the computer is writing to the swap file or what it is doing. My 5400rpm laptop drive was faster writing then it.

I have 1gb of ram
Pentium M 1.7 ghz processor on it
And SSD from hell.

Has anyone else had problems with SSDs?
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  1. I believe it. I have a flash drive that has a gigabyte worth of memory and it takes half an hour to copy pictures to half of it which means that it is slower than a regular hard drive. If you click on properties and examine the C drive, there are probably over 30,000 to 80,000 files when you have Windows and other programs installed.
  2. thanks chuck. My mates didnt believe it and we ended up playing catch with it. THe Solid state drive flys better through the air then a brick does. My mate Jim thinks the SSD stands for Super slow drive. Maybe its super sloth drive..
  3. I knew that companies were coming out with Solid State Drives but as everything, I let other people buy the first batch because first production runs are always with the most problems.

    What would I say to people when I knew SSD's are slow but that companies were bent on coming out with them anyway?

    I think that the Windows operating system is too large. If you look at ancient technology like the Amiga, the Amiga ran at a slower clock speed but it didn't have the high overhead like the Windows operating system that ran on the first Pentiums and the Amiga was still faster than some of the first Pentiums in some aspects. What do you really need to have in an operating system to be efficient? 10,000 files? 15,000 files? Is Micosoft really doing you a favor if you don't use all of those files?

    I wouldn't play catch with the drive. I would probably sell it on Ebay or if I had the time, I would fill it up since it is less vulnerable to hard drive corruption but I wouldn't use it as a drive to boot my computer off of because of speed.
  4. Which model did you buy?

    SLC or MLC chips ?
  5. Maybe you should've gotten a sata version instead of the crappy ide versions.
  6. Give us a list of good SSDs! I heard that Intel was the best, is that true? Should we trust bigger brands? It seems like the new and less heard of brands produce bad SSDs. What drives have you guys had success with?
  7. I have the Transcend 64GB IDE MLC version in an old Compaq Presario 1700 laptop I have to say, the performance is impressive. The laptop is nearly 10 years old with some upgrades. I installed what I thought would be 1GB CPU but I think the motherboard has a multiplier fix so on boot, the bios prompt say PIII 800E speed while in Windows 2000 OS, it displays 700MHZ using CPU ID.

    The drive isn't slow. I believe most of the people that are having problems with their SSD is due to not aligning the hard drive partition and not tweaking the OS for SSD use. Whether IDE/PATA or SATA it doesn't matter.

    Multitasking is a breeze. IE6 browsing while exploring throught My Computer for files. There's obviously some compatability problems if it took you 2 days to do an OS install. My Win2K install took less than 40 minutes.

    I also have a 32GB Transcend verion SSD IDE to try out on a different laptop. I don't expect either models are that different.

  8. True. MLC flash without proper controller will take very long with small writes, because if you write just 4KB the SSD has to do alot of work just to write that 4KB; it has to read a whole block of 640K, then erase that whole block and reprogram it, with the 4KB new data included. That's called a 2-phase write.

    That's why intelligent controllers in good SSDs have several tricks to increase performance in this case significantly. Therefore, the quality of an SSD is not really dependent on the flash memory chips but rather the controller used. However, MLC memory requires a more complicated/advanced controller than SLC; which doesn't have the complicated write stuff.

    Any good SSD should have a DRAM chip, like you see on Intel X25 SSDs. Cheap SSDs have simple controllers which do not emply any optimizations and possibly poor wear leveling, meaning lesser durability when writing alot.
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