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Before anything, I must say that I did search the forums for similar threads. While there were tiny bits of specualtion in the CPU and other forums, there wasn't really a thread that stood out to ask serious questions about this product. I really have one question about the NV9800, but I am not really asking for anything specific.

I am basically wondering if anyone has heard anything about the release date of this card. After a quick search around the forums, I am led to believe that it may be coming out sometime in mid november. Thing is, there has really been no talk about anything related to it since roughly august.

As some of you may know, I am currently planning a build for mid-november. While the 8800GT looks like it may turn out to be a decent card, I would really like to know if the NV9800 is coming out around the same time. Common sense provides that if the NV9800 is coming out, then the preices will most likely drop for the 8 series.

Thank you,
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  1. Jesus, a million threads on this already. No one knows ANYTHING about the 9800gtx, except that it might exceed one teraflop.

    If this is the card that's supposed to come out when Crysis does, they've done a ridiculously good job of hiding it. Though I bet we won't see any new 9 series high ends until early 08 at the earliest.
  2. Its meant to be a dual 8800gt, there we go.

    That answers it all :D
  3. 8800GX2 lol
  4. Yeah, the 8800GT is the one coming out in late October/early November. Don't expect the 9 series until Q1 08 probably.
  5. 8800gx2 not 9series!!!
  6. http://www.fudzilla.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=3654&Itemid=34


    There, rumors of dual card, with only 110watt on the 8800gt it makes sense.. since also now the dx9 limitations that bugged 7950gx2 single/sli are now gone.
  7. I bet early Q2 2008
  8. Hatman said:
    8800gx2 not 9series!!!

    Remind me not to get on your bad side. lol
  9. Jesus Christ.

    -I did not ask for any specifics, I could honestly care less about what the card is.
    -All I really asked for was speculation. It said it in the title, people. If you knew it was just going to be one of the threads that we have millions of(supposedly), then you really didn't have to click on it. Honestly though, I did not see one thread the specifically asked when it might come out.
    -I'm sorry for getting the name wrong.
    -I suppose it would have just been better to not have said anything, because -- really, I'm not any better off than before this thread.

    Thanks though,

    *thread closed*
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