MS Dynamic Disks?

I installed a new SATA disk drive in XP Pro system and choose to format it within windows.

In Computer management, a wizard popped up suggesting that make it a dydnamic disk, but after reading about i didn't see any real advantage.

It would allow me to manage my disks sizes and span different, but raid seemed to be the big push.

I'm already using hardware raid with my mb and it seemed the databased file system would be more vulnerable to faults.

Am i missing something?
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  1. If you are not RAIDing and dont intend on "expanding" or "spanning" the disk it doesnt matter which one you choose you want notice a difference. Although i believe "Basic" disks have better compatibility across different platforms.

    Dynamic are used for software raiding and "expanding" or "spanning" the disk.

    If "Somejoe7777" is around he maybe able to go into this a little more.
  2. Yeah, I agree with you. I'm an old DOS dog and can't past the idea that I might need to look at a disk outside of xp. I don't like things that are strictly exclusive if I can avoid it.

    Beside, i'm doing hardware raid and have read that software raid is slower.
  3. The only reason to use dynamic disks is to use Windows software RAID. Otherwise, it offers little advantages.

    Especially if you already are running hardware RAID, I would keep the disk basic. Further, there is less low-level software compatibility (i.e. partition managers, data recovery software). It can be difficult to find programs in these categories that work properly with dynamic disks.
  4. I just wanted to be sure i wasn't missing something and you confirmed that for me.

    Thanks everyone.
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