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Hey, I work as an IT for my university, and last week, my boss showed me an old storage room we had downstairs. It was full of old PCs and macs (eww) and he told me that I had to get rid of i began to scavenge through all of em and I found an old server. So I picked it up and took it back home to see if it was actually worth anything. It had Windows Server Edition 2003 installed on it but i didn't have the admin password so I reformated it with Windows XP Pro. I found out it has an AMD Athlon XP 1800+, 512mb of ram, and a 40gb hd...not too shabby i thought...I wanted to know if this comp would be fast enough to set up some sort of server...maybe a counter strike source server or some game server since all my online games get blocked off by the firewall used by the school's ResNet :'(
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  1. Add more ram, whatever you do!

    Sounds to me like it was some kind of dedicated low resource process server, like dhcp or dns - maybe a website. I wouldn't expect it to do anything serious with only 512mb of memory. If you think about it, the desktop in your signature would eat that thing
  2. Quote:
    If you think about it, the desktop in your signature would eat that thing

    I know that...that is why i use it as my gaming rig...I wanted to find out if the comp i just got would be able to hold a simple server...i dont need a 30+ ppl server...maybe like a 12 player max thing would work...
  3. As a dedicated server for CSS i wouldnt push over 12 but it should be decent for it.
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