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Hey everyone;
I upgraded my machine with a new Diamond Viper HD2900XT 1GB video card and i'm thinking of going crossfire (this is due to the fact that i'm pushing 2560x1600 on a 30" wide screen monitor) since i get some slowdown on higher resolutions with a single card. Problem is i'm definitely going to need a new power supply for it and i would like to know what anyone here would recommend. I'm using an OCZ 650 watt right now that i had for an older SLI setup. It doesn't have the required juice for 2 cards or the proper power connectors.

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  1. get the 8800gtx? Idk coming from Nvidia supporter. I guess 2900XT will kick 8800gtx ass while we are fully into the dx10/dx10.1 era
  2. Thanks for the recommend kpo.
    That power supply looks good and its a decent price too. My main concern was the actual physical connectors. I checked out some of the power supplies on the recommended list on diamond but never really got many straight forward answers on how well they handled dual cards.
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