8800GTS on a 22 inch monitor

Hi All

Some general advice please.
I'm looking to purchase an 8800GTS to enable me to run a new 22" monitor with a res of 1600x1050
I was just wondering whether i will be able to run latest games at decent settings and whether to get the 640 or the 320. I've been using a 17" for the last 10 years so this size and res is completely new territory

Cheers in advance
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  1. 8800 GT is about to be released, in a week 3850/70 will be out as well, no sense buying GTS atm.
  2. I have an 8800 GTS 320MB and a 22" LCD @ 1680x1050. It's a good combo and does well playing everything I have thrown at it at high/very high (not MAX) detail levels. It's a good combo, but don't expect to set every game to max with eye candy cranked. I wish I had the 8800GTX, but that's just because I'm not fully satisfied unless I can play max details with 4xaa/16xaf. ;)

    But I'd also say to wait a week or so and see what the 8800GT does for less money.
  3. Thanks guys
    I'll give it a week and check the gt specs

    But looks like i could be on to a winner compared to my current x1900GT on a 17" monitor
  4. Wait for the GT, i have a 22" and a GTS 640mb and it does run all games maxed out so far, only game i having issues is with the crysis beta, but thats expected. Hold off for a week and you see some good benchmark figure showing how good the GT is, or wait another month for the New GTS which opens the shaders to 128 from the standard 96 currently on the GTS, rumors say this GTS will come close to the GTX in performance.
  5. I built an e6600 with 320MB GTS on a 22" monitor and it works great even with Vista hindering it. HOWEVER with new cards only days away wait and see their real world performance. Worst case scenario is they dont perform as expected and you still get a 320 GTS. Best case scenario they perform great and you purchase a faster card for less money.
  6. Sorry slightly off topic but i read that a 20" and a 22" run at the same native res and the 22" obviously has to streatch a bit to fit is this a real issue or not what do you guys think about as you acctualy have them?
    And yes wait for the new cards definatly.
  7. It is true that a 20" and 22" both have a native resolution of 1680 x 1050 however they are both 16:10 Aspect ratio so the image isnt at all scretched. It just means the image is bigger.

    I assume this is done by having slighly bigger pixels on a 22" screen.

    I run a 22" and there really no reason to go smaller.
  8. I have my Asus en8800GTS on my 19" wide (1440x900) and it's fine. It looks a little odd at first when i switch to using my 26" LCD TV for games and films, but thats just me moving from widescreen to a different aspect. :lol:
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