8800 GT vs the 8800 ultra 3dmark06!

Yeah, seems like the 8800 GT is very close to the 8800 Ultra, but we still need to see some other benchmarks for a better comparison.


Not sure if this has been posted already...
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  1. I'm calling BS. May be right, but I doubt it.
  2. Thats rubbish, for a start my GX2 gets 4k in each mark on 3dmark06, and my score is nearly higher then that of that ultra, even tho i have a gx2 and my CPU is 600mhz less!!

    So that cannot possibly be right. And why would the 8800gt get 700points more in SM2 then SM3? Its mad.

    edit: just saw 4x AA, which is weird... ill test my GX2 with 4x AA in a sec and tell you my score, 3dmark dont support it coz i got free version but Ill just force it.

    GX2 = 8800gts :D
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